ParticiPoll: Conversation with Ben Ravilious

ParticiPoll: Conversation with Ben Ravilious

Created: Thursday, March 17, 2016 posted by at 4:00 am

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Ben Ravilious

Ben Ravilious Ben Ravilious is CEO of ParticiPoll and also web and app development agency Ben helped establish the flourishing tech startup community in his hometown of Leicester, UK.

In this conversation, Ben discusses ParticiPoll.

Geetesh: Ben, can you tell us more about ParticiPoll? What motivated you to create this product?

Ben: We wanted to create a tool that made it incredibly easy to find out what a presentation audience know or think. Everybody knows that presentations are more fun and engaging when the presenter interacts with the audience and audience polling is one of the best ways to do this.

We wanted to create something that approaches the simplicity of a “show of hands” but with the ability to collect and display results live in PowerPoint. ParticiPoll avoids the technical headache of hardware-based polling systems and is also a one of the simplest software ones too – you just drop polls histogram into any existing PowerPoint presentations and collect votes via a presenter’s voting URL.

ParticiPoll was prototyped in an educational setting but we’ve found traction in many different corporate sectors too.

2016 State of Financial Presentations

2016 State of Financial Presentations

Geetesh: What does one need to get started with ParticiPoll? Also are there levels in pricing – can you explain?

Ben: Anyone can download and use the free trial version at which lets you do the live polling but without any of the Pro features. This version is also supported by sponsored adverts on the voting screen.

For the Pro version, we’ve tried to keep our pricing really simple: $99 USD / year gives you an unlimited number of polls, votes, presentations or audience members. The Pro features include access to historical poll data, access to audience comments and the ability to add your logo to the voting screen.

We also offer a $399 USD/ year Volume license which provides five individual licenses and we can also offer “whole organization” license on request (price dependent on to the number of presenting staff.)

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