TorchMetrics: Conversation with Claudyne Wilder

TorchMetrics: Conversation with Claudyne Wilder

Created: Monday, May 16, 2016 posted by at 9:30 am

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Claudyne Wilder

Claudyne Wilder
Claudyne Wilder coaches executives, managers, and salespeople on how to deliver presentations that get to the message. Her clients give compelling, passionate presentations. Her company has an ongoing contract to give her Get to the Message: Present with a Purpose workshop at a Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company. Claudyne brings a unique and invigorating perspective to her work from her years of studying the Argentine Tango.

In this conversation, Claudyne discusses her new product, TorchMetrics, that lets you find out more about your audience’s perceptions of your presentations.

Geetesh: Tell us more about TorchMetrics. What inspired and motivated you to create this platform?

Claudyne: With 20 years of research in speaker training, I believe that presenters who get feedback from their audience are the ones who advance. That’s why I worked to build a simple but powerful web app tool to allow presenters to receive directed feedback from their audience members. This feature, tied with customized coaching steps for users, makes TorchMetrics an attractive business tool to quickly advance one’s speaking success and career. It is available online for a monthly subscription for individuals and organizations.

With TorchMetrics, we see work environments becoming happier and more productive. Audience members can immediately let their colleague know what they appreciated about the presentation and what areas were distractions.

But the not-so-obvious win is for presenters themselves. After TorchMetrics equips the user with immediate proactive feedback from the audience it follows up with customized coaching right in the online tool. It’s so empowering to presenters, and they feel like they have a consistent path to improve their speaking skills and their careers.

TorchMetrics’ straightforward design has three main functions that combined make it stand out: the research-based Feedback Questions, the customized Action Steps, and the Progress Graph that helps individuals and organizations watch their improvement over time. Here’s how it works.



Geetesh: What benefits can presenters expect as a result of using TorchMetrics to send surveys to their audiences?

Claudyne: If a company (or everyone in a company) was using TorchMetrics, these would be some of the changes we would see in corporate culture (or in a company’s culture):

Shorter presentations

First, people would be happier going to presentations as presenters who followed TorchMetric’s advice would talk less and get to the key messages. So, the presentations would be shorter. Better moods as no one would be saying, “Oh no, I have to go listen to Tom for an hour. He is so boring and goes on and on.” Employees do not have objectives that say, “Attend x presentations a week.” But they have to go to them. With shorter more focused presentations, employees will have more time to focus on their real job objectives.

Better decision making

Second, presenters would be more focused on sharing the most relevant information needed for decision making

More motivated employees

Employees will be getting real-time presentation feedback on an ongoing basis. This motivates them to change and to feel more empowered to develop and grow. TorchMetrics levels the playing field among employees. Everyone can get feedback and grow not just the select few who get to attend training sessions. Everyone can have an online presentation coach.

Culture of honesty and openness

Externally improving sales and marketing presentations to clients

The company can really find out what their clients think of their presentations. For example, TorchMetrics can take the feedback from the forty yearly client meetings and show the overall results of every question.

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