Beauty and the Beast: Eyeful's Adaptation in PowerPoint

Beauty and the Beast: Eyeful’s Adaptation in PowerPoint

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The folks at Eyeful recently created their own version of the Beauty and the Beast tale, all within PowerPoint!

I reached out to Eyeful, and their Managing Director, Rob Bailey graciously responded.

Rob: For the past 12 years, Eyeful’s creative team of designers have worked in PowerPoint day in, day out, to bring our customers’ presentations to life in visually stunning ways.

It is this immersion in PowerPoint on a daily basis which means that our design team has an unparalleled knowledge of the capabilities of the software.

This knowledge is further enhanced through regular innovation sessions, in which our design team is unleashed to think completely out of the box and let their creative juices flow to push the software to its limits.

It was one such innovation session which led to one of our senior designers Lorna choosing Beauty and the Beast as inspiration to demonstrate just what can be achieved when PowerPoint is in the right hands.

I’ll let Lorna tell you more…

Geetesh: How satisfying is it to do something that steps beyond the limits using PowerPoint?

Lorna: I think as a company, we are always trying to push PowerPoint as far as we can, to prove to people that it isn’t just bullet points on slides. There’s so much potential for PowerPoint that remains untapped as it is always dismissed as quite restrictive. It’s really satisfying to make something that shows just what’s possible when you invest time and creative thinking into a presentation.

Geetesh: And what motivated you to choose Beauty and the Beast as a deck project?

Lorna: We were set the task of creating visuals to a piece of audio for an innovation piece. I’ve always loved Disney films and knew I wanted to create something that told a story and looked hand made. My original inspiration came from the opening sequence for Disney’s Mulan, where landscapes build across the screen in ink, and I wanted to create something similar but with a watercolor effect. The music and voiceover at the start of Beauty and the Beast are so atmospheric and seemed to fit really well with the watercolor style.

Beauty and the Beast: Eyeful's Adaptation in PowerPoint

Beauty and the Beast: Eyeful's Adaptation in PowerPoint

Thanks to Olivia Walsh of Eyeful, who made this feature happen!

Rob Bailey

Rob BaileyHaving spent his early career in a variety of sales and marketing roles, Rob Bailey successfully transitioned into managing sales teams’ growth across a variety of industries before joining Eyeful Presentations as a senior consultant in 2011.

Over the past 5 years, Rob has developed a deep understanding of Eyeful’s proposition and people whilst managing a significant number of strategic Eyeful clients. In his new role as Managing Director, his passion for the business will further establish Eyeful’s position as the most innovative, exciting and influential consultancy in the presentation sector.

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