Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Ellen Finkelstein

Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Ellen Finkelstein

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Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen FinkelsteinEllen Finkelstein is a PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional, a Microsoft award), one of only 14 in the United States Her well-known website at www.ellenfinkelstein.com offers many PowerPoint tips and the PowerPoint Tips Newsletter. She specializes in training speakers and presenters to convert Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint; communicate clearly and powerfully; and design high-impact, persuasive and professional-looking slides.

In this conversation, Ellen discusses her upcoming webinar series, the Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about this year’s Outstanding Presentations Workshop? Also, since this year’s attendance is free, will access be provided to recordings, since your attendees tend to be from so many time zones?

Ellen: This year we have 6 excellent speakers on a wide variety of topics.

Joseph Ganci is an eLearning expert consultant, author, and trainer and will be speaking on “How to Ensure that Your eLearning Initiatives are Successful”

Elizabeth Bachman, speaker, author, and trainer will be talking on “From Talking Head to Respected Presenter: Communication Skills that Get Results”

Deb Peretz, Ph.D., course designer and coach, will speak on “Using Brain Science to Create a Presentation that Captivates Their Attention”

Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon, will tak on “14 Awesome PowerPoint Tricks for Effective Presentations”

Jen Finke and Marshall Makstein, who assist clients with professional presentation design, will talk on “eSlide’s In & Outbox: Professional Presentation Design Before and After Samples”

My topic is “10 Animation Techniques that Actually Help Your Audience Understand and Remember Concepts”

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available for one week. Attendees will be able to purchase permanent access if they want.

OPW Header

OPW Header

Geetesh: Ellen, for how long have you been organizing the Outstanding Presentations Workshop? How did this idea evolve?

Ellen: This is the 8th annual OPW. Whew! The idea evolved to have a place to get the great knowledge that presentation experts have out in the world of in-the-trenches presenters. We’ve had registrations as high as 3,000 from 97 countries, so we’re definitely succeeding!

Get permanent access to the 2017 Outstanding Presentations Workshop

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