WeCompress: Conversation with Paul Clerkin

WeCompress: Conversation with Paul Clerkin

Created: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 posted by at 9:30 am

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Paul ClerkinPaul Clerkin has been with Neuxpower for just over 2 years. His work involves marketing and web development, and his location shifts between London and Auckland.

In this conversation, Paul talks about WeCompress, the online compression tool from Neuxpower.

Geetesh: Tell us more about what prompted you to create WeCompress? Also, can you share information about some benefits?

Paul: We’ve wanted to make a free online compression tool for ages, years before I joined Neuxpower in fact. It’s taken a while for the stars to align and for us to be in a position where we could give it 100% and make something worthwhile. Our motivation has always been the same for this tool right from inception: The more people that use our technology, the more people fall in love with it.

The benefit to most users is straightforward: Get access to the best compression for PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PNG and JPEG files online totally free, wherever you are. We know from our desktop software that there’s a demand for features like automatic attachment compression, local compression, multiple file compression or variable compression settings. But there’s also a huge number of people out there who just need ad-hoc compression, that’s who WeCompress is for. If those folks help spread the word about file compression or become customers themselves along the way, that’s great. In that way, WeCompress is like ‘gateway compression’.

One thing WeCompress can boast even over our other products is the latest and best version of our NXPowerLite File Compression Engine. It leads the way with new features that’ll eventually make it to the upcoming releases of our other products.

Geetesh: Do NXPowerLite Desktop users get all the features available in WeCompress? Also, how can users of both your online web and offline desktop versions benefit from any synergies?

Paul: Currently WeCompress boasts a few extra features like PNG compression as well as a variety of image shape fill improvements which improves overall compression rates (We wrote a blog post about it over on Neuxpower.com). It also secretly has TIFF compression too, though we’re not really shouting about that just yet (if you’re interested just head on over and drag one onto the page).

We’re expecting most of these improvements to make it into the release of NXPowerLite Desktop 8 at the start of 2018. The main way WeCompress benefits NXPowerLite Desktop users is by significantly speeding up new feature development. For the first time ever we’re collecting real-time data on the files we don’t reduce well (or at all) from our WeCompress logs. We can see what our ‘blind spots’ are; if there are particular files we’re failing on or reducing less than expected. So we can gauge what new features we’ll make the biggest impact before we’ve written a single line of code.

Also, updates to WeCompress are instant, so we can roll out improvements and see them in action to validate how effective they are before they are incorporated into the other products. (I also wrote a short post about this recently). So there’s quite a lot of synergy between WeCompress and all our products, and we’ve not even scratched the surface of what we can learn from it!

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