iSpring Suite eLearning Authoring Toolkit for PowerPoint: Conversation with Slava Uskov

iSpring Suite eLearning Authoring Toolkit for PowerPoint: Conversation with Slava Uskov

Created: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 posted by at 9:30 am

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Slava Uskov

Slava Uskov
Slava Uskov is VP of Product Development at iSpring Solutions, an eLearning software company. Together with his team, he defines the product strategy and roadmap, conducts thorough market and customer research, and decides on new features based on actual user needs.

In today’s conversation, Slava talks about the new iSpring Suite 9 and how it helps PowerPoint users create robust eLearning courses and assessments right in their preferred authoring tool.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about the new iSpring Suite 9 and who it fits best for?

Slava: iSpring Suite is an eLearning authoring toolkit that allows you to create eLearning content for every learning situation. You can build an onboarding course, a video explainer about just-launched products, a job aid, or a test for a company-wide certification. To craft all of these and much more, you don’t need to install several apps and switch between them for different tasks: you just open PowerPoint and enhance your slides with quizzes, interactive modules, or screencasts.

iSpring Suite 9 01

iSpring Suite 9 01

We’ve added a lot of new features to iSpring Suite and yet made the authoring process easier. For example, with this release, we’ve completely revamped QuizMaker, and now it’s even more intuitive and easy to use.

iSpring Suite 9 features three main enhancements: brand-new interactions, a video studio, and a new quizmaker. There are 14 interaction presets you can use to create beautifully designed charts, catalogs, media cards, and more in literally minutes. The powerful video editor helps you join the hottest trend of educating with video. With iSpring Suite, you can create expert-led video courses, screencasts, software tutorials, and “watch-and-repeat” courses.

iSpring Suite 9 02

iSpring Suite 9 02
A software tutorial and a presenter video made with iSpring Suite

iSpring QuizMaker introduces a new visual editor to freely customize questions’ look and feel, extended feedback, and a number of other helpful options. However, my favorite one is drag-and-drop questions. Thanks to them, you can create engaging exercises to practice skills in a realistic environment, for example, picking the correct tools for the job or shelving goods.

iSpring Suite 9 03

iSpring Suite 9 03
A drag-and-drop activity

As for the target audience, iSpring’s toolkit fits best for eLearning developers, instructional designers, and corporate training specialists. iSpring Suite simplifies the authoring process and speeds it up dramatically. Our customers say they create courses 50-80% faster than with other tools. If you’re working under a deadline and the content has to be done yesterday, iSpring Suite is your go-to.

Thanks to the ease of use and minimal learning curve, iSpring Suite is very suitable for those who are not full-time eLearning developers but still have to prepare courses: HR specialists, training managers, or subject matter experts. Plus, iSpring Suite is an ideal tool when you have to update your content time and again, for instance, when you create courses about new products and their updates.

Geetesh: How easy is using iSpring Suite 9 for PowerPoint users, and what eLearning content types can be created?

Slava: If you’ve already built a presentation or two in PowerPoint, it’s very likely that iSpring Suite will be a no-brainer for you: its interface is extremely similar to PowerPoint. You don’t need to master a new tool, and it also allows you to use your existing materials for eLearning authoring.

There are standalone eLearning authoring toolkits on the market, however with them, you have to start from square one: learn from trial and error, get to know a completely new interface, deal with layers and variables, and, very likely, undergo some training.

With iSpring Suite, you just create a PowerPoint presentation with animations, triggers, links, audio, and whatever else you need, and then go to the iSpring tab. There, you add the options which are essential for a course but not achievable with PowerPoint: quizzes, interactive glossaries, and simulations. At the next step, you publish your PowerPoint slides to an eLearning course, so that learners can take it online from any device.

iSpring Suite lets you create versatile eLearning content:

  • Video courses
  • Conversation simulations
  • Screencasts with audio or a talking head video
  • Interactive modules to illustrate complex topics in an engaging format
  • Tests for employee assessment
  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Drag-and-drop exercises to practice skills
  • Courses with audio and video narration
  • Software tutorials

Creating these types of mobile-responsive interactive content in iSpring Suite is as easy as building a traditional PowerPoint presentation.

It’s always worth getting a demo of a new tool. So, I welcome you to check out a free trial of iSpring Suite to try it for yourself.

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