easyPDF: Conversation with Jessica Miller

easyPDF: Conversation with Jessica Miller

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Jessica Miller

Jessica MillerJessica Miller is a digital marketing manager at easyPDF.com with over 10 years of experience. She worked as a part of the marketing team promoting different document management solutions. Later on, she decided to try herself in a more dynamic start-up environment, that resulted in her being in charge at easyPDF. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, birdwatching and baking cakes.

In this conversation, Jessica talks about easyPDF.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about easyPDF, and what motivated you to create this online app that lets anyone use basic and advanced PDF features?

Jessica: easyPDF is an all-in-one PDF conversion suite that can help with converting almost any kind of document to and from PDF. It is intended to be a free alternative to almost any pricey desktop software, with more than a few benefits – no installation required, easy-to-use and with the same functionality as desktop software. There are a plethora of business-only oriented PDF solutions out there, but that isn’t what easyPDF is all about.

Most people don’t have a need for a costly solution for one or two files monthly. That is why they would need a quick alternative that is free and easy to use. That is where easyPDF comes into play. We are looking to become the go-to PDF conversion tool for everyone. But, we are aware that we are entering a very crowded space, where there are many online converters as well. We have listened to users and most common things they don’t like about other online converters and we have decided to start from there by improving on where others didn’t deliver.

First of all, easyPDF is intended to be a one-stop solution for all your conversion needs. You can use it to create or convert PDF to and from other file types, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, AutoCAD, and GIF. You can also split, merge and compress PDFs with our tool. Basically, it is packed with some top-notch PDF tools but in a free suite. We have decided to remove all limitations on the number of conversions or file size for conversion. In that way, we are enabling both professional and regular users to utilize easyPDF for their document management needs.



With an increasing number of data breaches and general concern about privacy, we have decided to focus on privacy and security. We have created a completely anonymous tool that doesn’t require registration or leaving personal information. All conversions are executed automatically without human access to your documents. We have taken a step further in ensuring that all data is secure with easyPDF by auto-deleting all files after conversion from servers.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your PDF to PowerPoint conversion options. How do visitors typically use this feature?

Jessica: PDF to PowerPoint tool is very easy to use. So far we didn’t get any complaints or questions about how to use the tools, as they are pretty straightforward. As we don’t have access to the users’ files, they are converted by server machines and not by individuals, we cannot be completely sure when our users convert files to PowerPoint. However, there is a general opinion that they convert these types of PDF files to PowerPoint: business or school presentations, handbooks, syllabus, and many catalogs and brochures.

Our users can even import PDF files that are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox, directly from the tool. They don’t need to download the file from their cloud and then to upload it on our website to convert. The whole process is very simple and quick. They can also convert PDF files to PowerPoint from their mobile phones. EasyPDF works on mobile phones browsers the same way it works on any other browser.

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