Presenter Media's Roundy: Conversation with Judd Albrecht

Presenter Media’s Roundy: Conversation with Judd Albrecht

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Judd Albrecht

Judd Albrecht
Judd Albrecht has always been a creative person, from when he was young all the way up until now. Some ways he satisfies that need to be creative are animating, creating graphics, writing/playing music and playing with his kids. He went to school and graduated with a degree in 3D animation. Along with a background in animation, he developed many more skills that have made him a well-rounded digital artist. The thing he loves most about being an artist at PresenterMedia is being able to create content that will help people better express their message and help bring their presentations visually to life.

In this conversation, Judd talks about PresenterMedia, and Roundy, their new animated character.

Geetesh: In changing times, PresenterMedia’s content is always relevant, contemporary, and evolving. How do you achieve this miracle? Tell us more.

Judd: Our first and foremost motivator at PresenterMedia will always be our customers. They are the reason we do what we do. Their success in presentation creation is what drives us to always be relevant and always keep evolving in what we create. Whether it’s new content or innovative new features, we are always looking for ways that help cut down the time it takes for our customers to create great presentation material.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about Roundy, and what motivated you to create this character?

Judd: Now on to Roundy the round character. Before a polygon on Roundy’s head was ever created, there was behind the scenes content meetings with my fellow amazing artists. We had been enjoying making new content with our line of more realistic human characters but thought it was time for a new character to be unveiled. We thought our customers would really enjoy a very simplistic character that has great facial expressions. So, I said I would take the task of designing such a character.

There were some things that inspired me as I began the character development process. The first inspiration hit while watching a kid’s TV show called Story bots with my two boys. I saw how expressive and simple the characters on that show were and decided to start going that direction. My goal was not to come up with a character that was a groundbreaking never been seen before design, but a character inspired by many awesome character designs which I would draw inspiration from. The ending result was the character, Roundy. I hope our customers will really enjoy using Roundy in their presentation material, as we enjoy making more content using this wonderful new character.

Judd with Roundy

Judd with Roundy

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