think-cell 10: Now works on Office for Mac

think-cell 10: Now works on Office for Mac

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The folks at think-cell just announced that their add-in will now work within Microsoft Office for Mac as well. This is probably the biggest new feature that goes along with the release of think-cell 10.

think-cell has been one of the most popular add-ins that has worked within both PowerPoint and Excel versions on Windows. For those of you who are new to think-cell, it is a PowerPoint and Excel add-in that uses AI to help you create amazing charts.

Mac compatibility is not the only new feature in think-cell 10. In this video, you can explore many amazing features that have been requested by think-cell users.

You can read this release for more detailed information related to the release of think-cell 10.

I asked Markus Hannebauer of think-cell a question related to this release: Markus, do the Windows and Mac versions of think-cell work identically, and can teams that work on both platforms exchange their slides that contain think-cell content?

Markus Hannebauer

Markus HannebauerAbsolutely. think-cell 10 features the same functionality, no matter whether you are using it on Windows or macOS. Apart from the platform-specific UI widgets, even the user interface is exactly the same. And since think-cell is 100% compatible with the Microsoft Office file formats, exchanging presentations with think-cell content between Windows and macOS users is a no-brainer.

Thank you, Markus.

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