Timeline Slides from PresenterMedia: Conversation with Judd Albrecht

Timeline Slides from PresenterMedia: Conversation with Judd Albrecht

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Judd Albrecht
Judd Albrecht has always been a creative person, from when he was young all the way up until now. Some ways he satisfies that need to be creative are animating, creating graphics, writing/playing music and playing with his kids. He went to school and graduated with a degree in 3D animation. Along with a background in animation, he developed many more skills that have made him a well-rounded digital artist. The thing he loves most about being an artist at PresenterMedia is being able to create content that will help people better express their message and help bring their presentations visually to life.

In this conversation, Judd talks about timeline slides from PresenterMedia.

Geetesh: Why are timelines important in presentations, and what sort of information is best presented via timelines?

Judd: One of the best things a timeline can do in a presentation is to give a clear visual representation of a sequence of events. When a timeline slide is designed right, the audience should have no problem following along with the presenter as they present their order of events.

Timeline Toolkit from PresenterMedia

Here are the things I believe are best to include on a timeline. First thing would be to add the name or title of an event. Then, add when the date of the event occurred or will occur. Finally, write a description of the event taking place. Keeping a timeline simple will help the audience comprehend and digest the information they are seeing. Timelines also make a perfect way to track the progress of a project or a product release deadline for a business.

Timeline Game from PresenterMedia

Geetesh: PresenterMedia has an amazing range of timeline templates for PowerPoint and Keynote users. You do add so much variation to these templates, and have timelines with doodle styles, and even a timeline game template! How do you choose ideas to make your templates fresh and different?

Judd: Timelines, in general, seem a little on the dull side. But we use that as one of our motivators when thinking up new ideas for timelines. Every timeline PowerPoint template we create is meant to help take presenters information and make it more engaging to their viewers. Information that may otherwise be less interesting or lose the audience’s attention will bring the information to life through clean design and engaging animation. We provide our customer’s with many pre-designed styles and themes to choose from, which are all animated to cut down the workload for the presentation designer.

PresenterMedia Business Doodles 17660

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