New Features in SlideSource: Conversation with Robert Befus

New Features in SlideSource: Conversation with Robert Befus

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Robert Befus
Bob Befus is a serial entrepreneur who has focused on the presentation needs of medical and pharmaceutical organizations for most of his career. He is a regulatory presentation expert and continues to work with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies on critical presentation projects.

In 1996, Bob developed an interactive digital display software that enabled presenters to organize thousands of data slides and be able to locate and present them instantly during live Q&A. Since 1996, Bob has continued to develop and refine several presentation support technologies including SlideSource for SharePoint in 2010 and in 2015.

In this interview, Bob discusses the new features in SlideSource.

Geetesh: Can you tell us more about SlideSource, and what are the new features that make it more compelling for users who want to get started with Presentation Management?

Bob: We are very excited about the growth of since we launched just four years ago now. Today we have thousands of users – from individuals and small companies to the global medical affairs departments of top ten pharmaceutical companies.

We are more committed than ever to two goals. First, to build the most effective slide and presentation management system possible, while keeping it flexible, easy to use and affordable. I personally believe that expensive, complex solutions that try to control too much of the user’s behavior are destined to fail.

SlideSource Features

Secondly, we are also committed to the continual improvement of SlideSource and the expansion of the platform to include more features to help companies manage their presentation content and help users access and use that content. During 2018 and so far in 2019, we have rolled out a continuous stream of improvements and feature additions.

Here are just a few highlights:

vCheck: vCheck, short for “version check,” inserts a graphic indicator next to every slide in every presentation downloaded from your SlideSource library that tells you if the corresponding slide in SlideSource has changed. If that presentation has sat on your desktop for a month, you can quickly see if it is still up-to-date and download any updates.

vCheck Animation

Change Alerts: Users can subscribe to be alerted when changes are made to slides, presentations, or collections. This includes when slides are deleted, added, or restored. Alerts can be sent immediately or as a daily digest.

Unlimited Custom Metadata Fields: Users can now add as many custom fields as they want to the metadata attached to each of their slides. A slide stuck in a typical PowerPoint file is just a slide, but a slide with your custom metadata attached becomes a valuable asset to your organization.

Unlimited Custom Fields
Unlimited Custom Fields: Use this page to create your own custom metadata fields that will help you to find, organize, and manage your slides. Note the option to have fields appear in folder view slide listings.

Improved Search Tag Management: The SlideSource search tag is a special kind of metadata designed to be added to slides super quickly. Our recent update makes it even easier to find all slides and presentations in a library assigned a particular search tag. The tag management interface has also been improved to make it easy to rename tags across all of the slides in the library.

Search Tags
Search Tags: This is the search tag section of the slide details page. New search tags are added here and if a tag already exists it will be available in an auto-complete list (“Triangles” in this case).

Search Tags Management Page
Search Tags Management Page: Click on a tag here and see all slides with that tag. If you rename a tag here, it will be changed on all slides it’s attached to. Tags are also removed here.

Custom Stamps: Stamps are like watermarks that appear over the slide in your library and can automatically be added to a slide when it is downloaded. If you want to create a confidentiality message and have it appear somewhere on every slide in a collection, you can do it with stamps. You can also have any custom field you create automatically appear on a slide or even off of the visible slide area of any slide in your collection. Users are using custom stamps to display things like approved uses, review status, unique ID numbers or confidentiality messages without having to open and edit every single slide in the library.

Custom Stamps
Custom Stamps: This is the custom stamp create/edit page. Stamp can be static, user-specified text or can be dynamically generated from metadata fields. Note the many formatting options. Slides can have more than one stamp.

Geetesh: How does one get started with SlideSource? Is there a learning curve? Is a trial account available?

Bob: A FREE full-featured slide library account is available at so we hope everyone will give the library a try. No credit card information is required to start a free account. Demos, training and help setting up your library are available without any additional cost to customers. Most of all, we value ongoing feedback from users as almost 100% of our improvements come directly from user ideas and input.

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