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Pickit Documents: Conversation with Jullietta Stoencheva

Pickit Documents

    Jullietta Stoencheva is the VP of Customer Success at Pickit, helping organizations set up image banks that people actually use. Her background in Media Psychology, combined with her interest in photography make for a handy combination when helping people find the right image(s) and make the best out of the service. Jullietta is also quite the pro when it comes to crafting the perfect presentation, and she has a thing for cat memes (but still prefers real live felines).

In this conversation, Jullietta talks about the new Pickit Documents feature.

Geetesh: Jullietta, can you tell us more about the new Pickit Documents feature?

Jullietta: Would love to! Pickit Documents is a new feature with the latest update we’ve introduced to the Pickit system. It means that you can now store, share, and distribute your PowerPoint, Word, and PDF templates and documents using Pickit. With the help of this new feature, we enable companies to distribute their presentations, documents, and other important files right inside Microsoft Office via the Pickit add-in.

This is particularly exciting because it’s not just a new feature, but an entire mindset shift for us. As those who have previous experience with Pickit will know, we’ve always been an image platform, and the entire structure of our product was centered around working with images. Since we introduced Pickit Business back in 2017, we’ve heard from thousands of companies how much quicker it is for employees to create presentations thanks to Pickit. Many of them shared that our tool has helped presentation makers find all the images they need in one place. But locating the latest templates and company-approved document material was still a common problem. We heard over and over again from customers that they wished we’d offer the same kind of capability when it comes to distributing templates and documents as we have with images. So we listened, and we’re very happy to announce that this is finally a reality. Making this happen means not only making our customers happy but also that we’re becoming more than just an image service – the world’s simplest DAM system, you could say.

So how does it practically work? If you’re an Admin of a Pickit Business account, you can now easily upload files via the Admin panel. Once a document is uploaded, you can make changes to it, add new versions, and adjust it.

If you have many documents you want to sort, you can add them to document collections at the click of a button. Each collection gets its own unique name and thumbnail, and you can always edit any attribute of a collection and where it’s shared.

We’ve also created an easy, user-friendly visual interface for sorting your documents, so you can add files with a simple drag and drop. You can share a single document or a collection of documents to your entire organization, a team, or individual, or you can choose to just keep it to yourself. Once you’ve added a document and shared it with your colleagues, they’ll be able to access it via our Office add-ins and on the web. You can preview your add-in and webpage view right inside the Admin panel to make sure it looks visually appealing and inspiring.

The feature is right now an invite-only beta as we’re still collecting feedback to refine it and make it as user-friendly as possible before an official launch, but we welcome anyone who wants to join the beta and help us improve Pickit Documents, while also utilizing it in their daily work.

Geetesh: Jullietta, can you share some usage scenarios?

Jullietta: Absolutely! The first wave of feedback we received from customers was that they immediately put their company templates in there. The option to open a template instead of downloading it has been very appreciated, as users and admins alike can always have the peace of mind that they’re working off the latest version.

As companies become more comfortable with the structure, they are starting to upload sales presentations, pitch decks, yearly reports, and other official documents into the system, to make sure all employees always have them at hand. The opportunity to specify a country has been helpful for larger companies with local offices in different countries. A typical company’s Documents library looks something like this:

Geetesh: How can one sign up for the Pickit Documents Beta?

Jullietta: In order to join the Beta, you need to either be a Pickit Business customer or partner or sign up for a free Pickit Business trial. Then, you can visit this page, and fill in your details to request Beta access. Once that’s done, our team will be in touch as soon as possible to help you get started.

If you need help with signing up for a free trial for your company, you can schedule a demo or contact our support. Our team would love to help!

If you want to find out more about our latest update, watch our latest product webinar here:

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