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CreativePro Week and Click 2021: Conversation with Haley Rich

Haley Rich CreativePro Week 2021

Haley Rich is a Senior Art Director and Creative Doer from California. She has a love for all things plants, an infatuation for the color yellow. She spends any extra time she can get traveling the world, and until that is possible again she enjoys planning her next trip in her plant filled studio.

Haley has been in the design industry for about 14 years in various roles ranging from editorial, print, web, and packaging, most recently finding herself in the world of presentations and becoming an expert in the programs that go with it. She traveled worldwide to provide event support for some of the largest Silicon Valley companies. She has developed extensive training programs on the intricacies of PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Adobe.

In this conversation, Haley talks about her session(s) at CreativePro Week 2021 being held online on May 17–21 this year.

Indezine is a media partner for this event.

Geetesh: Haley, tell us about your two sessions at the upcoming CreativePro Week 2021 online event: Collaboration Techniques: Working with Teams and Partners and Google Slides: What You Gotta Know. Also, what according to you would be significant takeaways for attendees from both these sessions?

Haley: I’m excited to be participating in CreativePro Week. I’ve always been passionate about sharing knowledge with others and creating and being part of different design communities.

The industry of presentation design has been heavily focused on PowerPoint for so many years but there has been a massive shift in high-level Fortune 500 companies to using Google Slides, so as the designers we have to adjust. If you come from the presentation world you may feel limited at first, I know I did, but I want others to feel like you can push Google Slides and build creative presentations and templates just like you can in PowerPoint, it’s just different. Once you figure out the nuances you’re golden. I’ll be going over converting PowerPoint files to Google Slides and some other Google Slide basics with some tips and tricks peppered in.

In my other session, I’m focusing more on my experience in working with distributed and remote teams for the last 4 years and how I’ve learned productive workflows and keeping the team feeling like a team. If 2020 has taught us anything, we crave the community of a workplace and it’s hard to create that when people are in different locations. I don’t want people to hesitate working with someone just based in one location; instead, figure out the best ways to make a remote team work.

Geetesh: Please tell us about how you got interested in presentation design? Also, tell us about your love of travel and the color yellow.

Haley: I was brand new to presentation design in 2016 but I started a new job with Duarte and learned everything I could as quickly as I could. When I realized there was an abundance of tips and tricks to learn I made it a goal to learn it all, but also share that knowledge. I created a deck of PowerPoint tips and tricks cards to share my learnings with any new hires. I always had a love for layout and typography and saw presentation as a place where I could experiment with this. Presentations allow for the problem-solving of UI/UX when creating templates for worldwide corporate companies. Then, there’s the fun of video production when pushing PowerPoint to its animation limits, all the while falling back on the fundamentals of grid and type.

Outside of work, travel has allowed me to learn more about myself while learning more about the world. I mostly travel solo and I’ve been to 20+ countries where I’ve made many friends in hostels, on trains, in coffee shops, really anywhere. I have learned that it’s ok to ask for help, to ask for directions, to ask questions that may sound stupid. Because if you don’t speak up, there is no one there to speak up for you. I try to bring that back home and remind myself to speak up for myself when I need to. And on that same note, if I’m ever facing something that I need a little extra help with, I wear yellow. It gives me that extra boost I need to get through anything, it puts a smile on my face and seems to do the same for others around me.

What are Click and CreativePro Week?

Click is a conference about presentation design. It is a subset of the larger CreativePro Week conference held annually.

Indezine is a media partner for this event.

Date: May 17 to 21, 2021

Location: Virtual Event

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