PowerPoint is not Word or Excel

Created: Tuesday, September 14, 2010, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 7:53 am

Many bad presentations are a result of not using PowerPoint as a slide creation tool at all. Does that sound like a cryptic statement? Then let me encrypt it for you: many PowerPoint users just think of PowerPoint as an extension to Word and Excel, the other program that Microsoft included free of cost in the Office box.

It gets worse — not only do they think PowerPoint is like Word or Excel, they even use it that way. So why do we get surprised when Word users create slides that have tons of text. And let’s move on to Excel now — you can see a PowerPoint slide created by the Pentagon to assess some activities in Afghanistan — if you thought that was bad, look at the next figure that shows what Wired magazine calls Pentagon’s craziest PowerPoint slide! It doesn’t require a certification in space science to realize that these slides have been created by Excel users!

Read more about how not to use PowerPoint like Word or Excel.

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