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Friday, January 18, 2019, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:30 am

By Jean Gamester, Toastmasters International

When I took the decision to join a speakers club 12 years ago I didn’t realize the positive changes that would follow.  I had no idea that it would lead me to doing a doctorate and that this in turn would lead to me making lasting changes in my life.

I became of member of a Toastmasters speakers club to get over my fear of giving presentations to the project teams I was leading. It worked! It turned out that the magic ingredient in creating confident speakers was to give and receive lots and lots of feedback.  We become better speakers through going through cycle after cycle of observing, feeding back and trying out.

After many years of learning and leading in Toastmasters, I reached a quiet period and wondered “what next?” I considered doing postgraduate research, but predicted miserable years of reading and writing alone. Not something that fitted my proactive work style!

Then, I made a lucky discovery. There was a kind of practitioner based learning that anyone can do. It’s called action research and it involves going through cycles of experience, reflection and action. It involves working with other people and the kinds of feedback loops I had found so valuable.

My research began 18 months ago, and the method is already making a big impact in my life and business. Here are the stages, with an example of one big personal change, which can be used in the world of work.


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Friday, January 18, 2019, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:15 am

Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows was released on October 11, 2012. It is the successor of the previous version, Office 2010, and among the most used programs across the globe. However, after using the Office 2013 programs such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel repeatedly, there may be times when these applications face some serious issues such as crashes, corrupted files, etc. And in some scenarios, you may not be able to run any Office 2013 application. At this point in time, you may wish to perform some magical process that will resolve the issue.

Repair Office and PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to repair Office and PowerPoint 2013 for Windows.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:00 am

Whenever a new shape is inserted on a slide in PowerPoint, it is filled by default with a solid color (or something else depending on the Theme your presentation is based on). Other than a solid fill type, PowerPoint provides several more options that let you fill a shape with a picture, a gradient, a pattern, or a texture, and we have explored these other fill options in our Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 tutorial. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can work with solid color fills.

Add Solid Fills to Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Add solid fills to shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 10:00 am

We first explore the topic of font sizes in a slide, and how much smaller you can go with font sizes to ensure that the last person in the room can read your slide content. We also invite you to Taylor Croonquist’s PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets webinar for 2019. We then explore some Photoshop tutorials that will benefit PowerPoint users. We also look at using Photos in Presentations.

PowerPoint 2016 for Windows users can learn how to Repair Office and PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2013 for Windows users can explore Gradient Fills for Text. PowerPoint 2010 for Windows will learn about Creating Anchor Points for Connectors, and PowerPoint 2016 for Mac users can explore Gradient Outlines, and the Account Tab in Backstage View. And if that wasn’t enough for this week, make sure you do not miss the quotes, press releases, and templates released in the last week.

PowerPoint and Presenting News: January 15, 2019

Stay informed about updated tutorials and happenings related to PowerPoint and presenting.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019, posted by Geetesh Bajaj at 9:00 am

When you insert shapes on a PowerPoint slide, you will notice that all shapes you insert contain the same fill. Most of the time, the shapes may contain a solid color fill. Similarly, you may insert hundreds of shapes and they all have this same default fill. Have you ever wanted to change this fill to something else? You can change the fill of any shape to a solid color fill, or even change the fill type altogether to a pattern, texture, or picture.

Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Learn about different fill types for shapes in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

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