VisualBee: Conversation with Motti Nisani

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Motti NisaniMotti Nisani co-founded VisualBee based on 18 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Previously, Motti was VP Business Development at NICE Systems Ltd. He has a B.Sc. degree in engineering from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

In this interview, Motti discusses the VisualBee product that lets you enhance your PowerPoint presentations with a single click.

Geetesh: What exactly is VisualBee, and how can it help create better everyday PowerPoint presentations?

Motti: Presentations have become the most effective method of conveying messages. Thousands of presentations are held each day around the world, almost all of which include visual aids, such as presentations created using Microsoft PowerPoint.

VisualBee is a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in (add-in), automatically enhancing PowerPoint presentations to create professional and effective showcases. Incorporated into PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, VisualBee is an automatic graphic design tool that saves hours spent tediously designing PowerPoint presentations.

VisualBee analyzes the text and structure of the original presentation and creates a new professionally designed presentation, incorporating appropriate images, layouts, templates and style. The final enhanced presentation may be kept, forwarded and redesigned as a regular PowerPoint presentation.

With VisualBee, it’s easy to create and amend PowerPoint presentations in no time. All one needs is to write or paste text onto a blank PowerPoint presentation and press “Enhance Presentation” in the PowerPoint application. VisualBee will design the presentation for you. One can even choose the presentation style best suited for the venue in which it will be presented: classic, formal, colorful, artistic or extreme.


VisualBee is also a great solution for businesses wishing to ensure on-brand messaging and look of all their presentations. VisualBee can customize layouts and styles to match each brand and ensure all presentations enhanced by VisualBee be branded accordingly. Customized branded VisualBee layouts have already been created for major companies, such as Alvarion (NASDAQ:ALVR).

Geetesh: What happens if a presentation created by VisualBee needs to be changed — does it allow users to change visual content as well simultaneously? Also what if a picture selected by VisualBee is not appropriate — can that be changed too?

Motti: VisualBee’s revolutionary software allows users to amend and redesign presentations during and even after enhancement.

Before saving the presentation, one can redesign each slide, replacing its layout and images, as well as reverting back to the original slide design. One doesn’t have to download images from the Internet and insert them – Images are included in the VisualBee image bank. One can find images by keywords or just let VisualBee choose the appropriate image, based on the text.

In addition, unlike other presentation making tools currently in the market, each presentation enhanced by VisualBee is saved as an ordinary PowerPoint presentation file (*.pptx). That means it can be amended using the regular PowerPoint application – any text can be amended and images replaced after its enhancement. Additional slides can also be incorporated into the enhanced presentation by the VisualBee re-enhance feature, making sure the design of such new slides match the style of the already enhanced presentation.

And of course, the saved enhanced presentation is yours to keep forever. You may use and reuse it in your presentations, amend it and forward it as much as you like!

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