Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Indent Markers (Carets) for Bulleted and Numbered Lists

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We have explored how you can apply or change bulleted text within your text objects — by default, the actual bullet is always placed before the text that follows it. Also there is no absolute position of any bullet you see on your slides — the bullet’s position is always relative to the position of the text object within which it is contained — and also how you adjust the spacing between the bullets and the text that follows. Most of the time, these default attributes work very well indeed — and you need not alter any parameters. But if you ever tried changing these parameters to alter the spacing for bullets, you might have discovered that these settings are not too intuitive, and can drive you crazy. In this tutorial, let us start with learning about the different interface parts that influence the position of the bullets.

Learn about the Indent Markers (Carets) that influence the positioning and spacing of bulleted and numbered lists in PowerPoint 2010.

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