Flevy Tools: Conversation with David Tang

Flevy Tools: Conversation with David Tang

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David Tang

David TangDavid Tang is the founder of Flevy, a marketplace for premium business documents. Prior to Flevy, David worked as a management consultant for 8 years. His consulting experience spans corporate strategy, marketing, operations, and change management — both domestic and international (EMEA + APAC). David graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in engineering.

In this conversation, David discusses Flevy Tools, an add-in for PowerPoint that creates several chart and diagram types.

Geetesh: What motivated you to create Flevy Tools, an entirely free add-in for PowerPoint that provides so many chart and diagram types?

David: When we first launched our company Flevy, we decided to create and give away Flevy Tools, as a way to reach PowerPoint business users. At the time, Flevy Tools only provided 4 diagram types. Over time, Flevy Tools became increasingly popular and we released more and more diagrams types. The latest version released in March 2015 contains 12 diagram types, including such common business diagrams as Gantt charts, waterfall charts, and pyramids. We have even received testimonials from management consultants at Accenture and Capgemini stating Flevy Tools is better than their in-house PowerPoint diagramming tools.

To provide some context, our company Flevy is a marketplace for high quality business documents. Most of our documents are PowerPoints, ranging from business training guides to presentation templates. This is why we thought Flevy Tools would appeal to our audience.

Geetesh: Can you tell us about the new Matrix Charts and Value Chain Diagrams, introduced in the newest release of Flevy Tools?

David: Certainly. Matrix Charts are very simple, intuitive visuals. They typically take the form of 2×2 or 3×3 matrices. There are many established management models represented by the Matrix Chart, such as the BCG Matrix and GE-McKinsey Matrix. Using Flevy Tools, you can create Matrix Charts of up to 5×5 size (e.g. 2×3, 4×4, 1×5, etc.).

Our Value Chain Diagram is modeled after the Porter Value Chain, introduced by strategist Michael Porter. A Value Chain Diagram is essentially a multi-layered Chevron Diagram. Using Flevy Tools, you can create Value Chain Diagrams of up to 6 chevrons (on the top level). Each top-level chevron can then be sub-divided into up to 6 parallel streams.

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