Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Deb Peretz

Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017: Conversation with Deb Peretz

Created: Monday, October 9, 2017 posted by at 9:30 am

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Deb Peretz

Deb PeretzDeb Peretz coaches people who are passionate about delivering results to their clients through online programs. She shows them how to avoid being just another unfinished course on their customers’ “To Do” lists while creating raving fans whose businesses are transformed. She also follows the latest brain research on how we think and learn and translates it into easily applied strategies and tips.

In this conversation, Deb discusses her webinar as part of the Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2017 series.

Geetesh: Deb, what is the largest takeaway for attendees of your Outstanding Presentations Workshop webinar, Using Brain Science to Create a Presentation that Captivates Their Attention?

Deb: Attendees will take away practical strategies for grabbing and keeping their audience’s attention that they can use to create or revise their next presentation. These strategies are based on the latest brain research.

Boring Presentation

Boring Presentation
Boring Presentation
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Geetesh: Your site provides some amazing information about creating online programs and coaching that has better potential to succeed. Can you tell us more about your work in this sphere?

Deb: Creating online training programs is huge right now in the online marketing and entrepreneurship space. It also remains an essential strategy in the corporate world as well. Unfortunately, most of the people creating these programs don’t have the necessary background knowledge to create programs that will succeed in today’s society. Digital technology and the information overload is literally rewiring our brains. The old adult learning and training formulas are woefully outdated. The result is usually training that fails to achieve the promised learning transformation.

Via individual and group coaching, I help people apply the latest findings in the learning sciences to revise or create new programs that effectively teach and get results. I also have a course called High Impact Course that teaches this material as a stand-alone course.

And for those on a tight budget, I have a course about creating and hosting your course on a low budget using free and low-cost tools coming out next month.

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