Present Yourself: Conversation with Andrea Meyer

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Andrea Meyer

Andrea Meyer is an award-winning speaker, writer and ghostwriter. Known for her practical, how-to style, she’s traveled to 40 countries speaking and writing about innovation and how to get breakthrough insights. She founded in 1988 and works with CEOs, professors, and consultants to write their books, blogs, white papers, and online learning content. Her clients include IBM, Cisco, MIT, Harvard, McKinsey & Co., InnoCentive, AARP and OECD. Andrea has contributed to 35 books on business, innovation and psychology. She has an M.S. in Information Science, is a member of Mensa, and is listed in Who’s Who in America.

In this conversation, Andrea discusses her new book, Present Yourself: Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business, which she co-authored with Kit Seeborg.

Geetesh: How do you and Kit differ – and where do you both find common ground – and how did these differences and similarities help you both in creating this book?

Present Yourself: Using SlideShare to Grow Your Busines
Andrea: Kit is the SlideShare expert, having served as SlideShare’s content editor and community manager for three years. She’s been on the digital frontier since 1995, and she is passionate about digital content, community and communications. I’ve been a writer and ghostwriter for 23 years and have worked on 35 commercially-published books, so I brought the book-writing expertise to our partnership. Together, we talked about each chapter, focusing on the information we wanted to share and how to get the message across. We also knew, right from the start, that we wanted to include real-world examples of how people are using SlideShare. We conducted more than 30 interviews with users, and we featured their stories in the book.

Geetesh: SlideShare by itself is a great platform to share presentations — yet your book covers so much more than just SlideShare itself — it even goes into the details about creating great content to start with. Can you share your thoughts about the content of your book?

Andrea: Our goal for the book was to write more than just a how-to technical manual. We wanted to provide insights into all the ways that SlideShare could be used by companies and individuals to grow their businesses and careers. That’s why the book opens with a chapter on visual thinking. This chapter explains how and why visual thinking is changing business. Understanding this broader trend helps you design better slides, but it also gives you an edge in understanding where business is headed.

Similarly, our chapter on events and public speaking helps not only speakers but also event organizers make the best use of SlideShare. And, as you mentioned in your question, we provide tips for how to create compelling content in your content marketing efforts. The book covers a lot of ground, describing how to use SlideShare for sales, research, collaboration, recruiting, hiring and getting hired — all with the goal of helping you grow your business or career.

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