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Presenting Virtually Conversation with Patti Sanchez Presenting Virtually: Conversation with Patti Sanchez
March 15th, 2022

Before the Mic: Conversation with Glenn Gibson Before the Mic: Conversation with Glenn Gibson
November 16th, 2021

Building PowerPoint Templates v2 Julie Terberg Building PowerPoint Templates v2: Conversation with Julie Terberg
October 21st, 2021

Building PowerPoint Templates v2 Echo Swinford Building PowerPoint Templates v2: Conversation with Echo Swinford
October 20th, 2021

Better Data Visualizations Better Data Visualizations: Conversation with Jonathan Schwabish
April 29th, 2021

Instinct Rebecca Heiss Instinct: Conversation with Rebecca Heiss
April 7th, 2021

Rituals Roadmap Rituals Roadmap: Conversation with Erica Keswin
February 19th, 2021

Reluctant Storyteller Starter Pack Reluctant Storyteller Starter Pack: Conversation with Simon Raybould
January 22nd, 2021

Presentation Masala Presentation Masala: Conversation with Vivek Singh
July 17th, 2020

Beyond Bullet Points Fourth Edition Beyond Bullet Points 4th Edition: Conversation with Cliff Atkinson
January 6th, 2020

You Can Bank on Your Voice You Can Bank on Your Voice, 2nd Edition: Conversation with Rodney Saulsberry
November 13th, 2019

Erika Keswin Bring Your Human to Work: Conversation with Erica Keswin
June 12th, 2019

Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck (Fourth Edition): Conversation with Rick Altman
May 16th, 2019

Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear Me?: Conversation with Nick Morgan
May 10th, 2019

A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Conversation with Mike Parkinson
February 18th, 2019

Crazy Competitions Crazy Competitions: Conversation with Nigel Holmes
November 28th, 2018

Brian Washburn PowerPoint, Your Co-Facilitator: Conversation with Brian Washburn
June 8th, 2018

Five Stars by Carmine Gallo Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great: Conversation with Carmine Gallo
June 6th, 2018

Visual Thinking Visual Thinking: Conversation with Emma Bannister
February 21st, 2018

Youve Got 8 Seconds You’ve Got 8 Seconds: Conversation with Paul Hellman
January 18th, 2018

Captivate Cover Captivate: Conversation with Vanessa Van Edwards
November 10th, 2017

Dr. Marcia Reynolds Outsmart Your Brain: Conversation with Marcia Reynolds
October 27th, 2017

Ultimate Guide PowerPoint Buffalo 7 The Ultimate Guide To PowerPoint: Conversation with James Robinson
September 8th, 2017

Lisa Braithwaite Presenting for Humans: Conversation with Lisa Braithwaite
September 6th, 2017

Stephanie Evergreen Presenting Data Effectively: Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Evergreen
August 11th, 2017

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