Slides From Hell

Created: Sunday, February 8, 2004, posted by at 9:45 am

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Ray BlakeLet me take you back to the days of my childhood in the 1970’s. In many ways, this was a more carefree time, of course. People had respect for their elders, the village bobby was always welcome for a chat at the garden gate, pop records had real tunes and you could understand the words. Back then, there were 3 channels on the TV and the programmes for us children would run out before the 6 o’clock news. Many’s the day when the strains of the Captain Pugwash closing theme would fade out and the strident chords of the BBC News bulletin would cruelly break in long before I was sated. In desperation I’d watch the opening minute or two of the news in the hope that there might today be a special version for children with cartoon characters.

The daily disappointment was sometimes tempered when the shot cut from a talking head to something cooked up by the BBC Graphics department.

Ray Blake explains “how to make truly horrendous PowerPoint Slides.”

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