Serious Magic: Conversation with Michelle Gallina

Serious Magic: Conversation with Michelle Gallina

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Michelle Gallina

Michelle GallinaSerious Magic creates award-winning video and presentation tools. Their newest offering Ovation makes it easy to bring professional effects to your existing PowerPoint presentations with a few clicks. In this conversation, Michelle Gallina, the Director of Marketing at Serious Magic joins us to discuss Ovation.

Geetesh: What does Ovation offer to PowerPoint users who have tons of existing presentations?

Michelle: Ovation is a software companion to PowerPoint that quickly transforms plain PowerPoint slides into a great-looking presentation. The result is a presentation that looks as if you hired a graphic design team to create it. It’s really quite powerful when you have a lot of presentations that need a facelift. Ovation also offers tools that help presenters stay on point and on time.

Serious Magic Ovation

Serious Magic Ovation

Geetesh: Are their original presentations altered in any way?

Michelle: Ovation doesn’t alter a PowerPoint presentation at all; it works alongside PowerPoint and performs as a player for presentations.

Geetesh: What are the requirements for Ovation in terms of hardware?

Michelle: Because the product adds a lot of movement to PowerPoint slides, it works best on newer laptops (less than 2 years old) with a good graphics processor (GPU). But I’ve seen Ovation produce great results on older computers too.

On our website, we run a system check to tell the user how Ovation will run on an individual computer.

Geetesh: What is the learning curve with Ovation?

Michelle: What’s great about Ovation is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning a new piece of software. You create and edit your presentation in PowerPoint like you normally do. Then just drop your PowerPoint file into Ovation. There are some slide customizations that Ovation offers and they’re easily accessible through Ovation’s tab-based interface. It’s really quite simple, but if users like more help, we offer a free video tutorial that is easily accessible within the program.

You can download a trial version of Ovation from the Serious Magic site.

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