Rich Chart Live: Conversation with Manuel Fernandes

Rich Chart Live: Conversation with Manuel Fernandes

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Manuel Fernandes is from Blue Pacific Software, a rich media company based out of Lisbon, Portugal. In this conversation, Manuel discusses Blue Pacific Software and Rich Chart Live, their web-based charting product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about yourself and Blue Pacific Software.

Manuel: I like to look at myself as a software developer although my job involves a lot more. My preferred hobby is photography. My formal education was on computer science in the University of Lisbon.

I joined Blue Pacific Software 3 years ago just before we sold Flash Printer (now FlashPaper) to Macromedia (now Adobe). Since then we developed other great tools like Turbine 7 (a generic Flash engine), Turbine Video Engine (a video to Flash converter) and more recently Rich Chart Builder (an animated Flash chart generating software). We are still in love with Flash and we continue to develop innovative Flash tools just like the new Rich Chart Live which is an online application that creates animated Flash/PowerPoint charts with attractive visuals and interactivity.

Geetesh: What is Rich Chart Live, and how can it work with PowerPoint presentations.

Manuel: We are very excited about Rich Chart Live (RCL) because it is a great new way of using software: it’s the Web 2.0 way — the software runs from your web-browser and the user doesn’t need to install anything or download any software. This is great for the user because it is so simple. The process of generating a chart with RCL is very simple:

  1. You access Rich Chart Live with your preferred web browser in any operating system, from anywhere;
  2. Copy and paste your data from any spreadsheet or input it manually;
  3. Export the chart to Flash or to PowerPoint.

You can use the software by subscription or by buying a time pass. There is also a free evaluation available for anyone wanting to try it.

Rich Chart Live Interface

You can learn more about Rich Chart Live, and test it for free at the Rich Chart Live site…

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