PocketMac Remote: Conversation with Tim Goggin

PocketMac Remote: Conversation with Tim Goggin

Created: Saturday, August 4, 2007 posted by at 9:37 am

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Tim GogginTim Goggin is the VP of Marketing & Sales for PocketMac. He has an extensive background in technology marketing and in direct marketing. In this conversation, Tim discusses PocketMac Remote, an application that allows the use of the Apple Remote to control PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on the Mac.

Geetesh: Tell us more about PocketMac.net, and your products including PocketMac Remote.

Tim: In 2001, we started the PocketMac product line with the introduction of our first product, PocketMac Pro, almost 2 years in development, which was the first-ever tool to synchronize the Macintosh and Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. We then shortly added support for Windows Mobile Smartphones

From there, we’ve expanded into a variety of different areas, including our flagship PocketMac for BlackBerry, which connects Mac users and their BlackBerry handhelds; other tools work with the PSP, iPods and many more.

In 2004, Research In Motion, the creators of the BlackBerry handheld, licensed PocketMac for BlackBerry and they have continued to distribute it since that time.

Our recent releases include PocketMac Remote which expands the capabilities of the Apple Remote to control Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

We’re always working to expand what computer users can do both in the Mac and Windows arena and PocketMac Remote fits nicely into this area.

Geetesh: Since most Macs can now boot into Windows, do you have any plans to make a Windows version of the product that will work with the Apple Remote?

Tim: At this time, we don’t have plans but that’s a great idea. I’ll definitely ask our engineers to look into this. The Macs running Windows marketing is definitely one we take seriously.

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