First Look at Office 14 Next Week?

First Look at Office 14 Next Week?

Created: Thursday, October 23, 2008, posted by at 6:16 am

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A number of online sites have started making noises about Office 14, the successor to Office 2007 on the Microsoft Windows platform. This news comes as Microsoft gears up to hold its PDC (Professional Developers Conference) next week at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 27th to 30th, 2008.

ZDNet reports that “Office 14, as the product is code-named, will be discussed at next week’s event, with attendees likely to get a glimpse of some of its features, according to sources. Unlike Windows 7, however, attendees should not expect to leave Los Angeles with a copy of their own. Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has talked recently about the idea that the next version of Office will be able to run in various modes, including over the internet”.

PC Pro adds that “Microsoft, as with most of its major releases, has been tight-lipped about what to expect from the new Office, though back in February Bill Gates hinted that it would feature a greater online presence”.

SC Magazine puts the online focus clearly on cloud computing: “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented last week on a number of developments at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference at the end of this month, which has led to some euphoria”. They also add that “It’s all very well, allowing your copy of Microsoft Office 2010 to store your files in the Cloud, but what about the provisions of the Data Protection Act, which effectively prohibit the storage of employee and/or customer data on the other side of the world without the express consent of the people concerned?”

Watch this space for more news on Office 14 — I’m waiting to see what they say about the new PowerPoint!

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