Studio-Max: Conversation with Max Wijgergangs

Studio-Max: Conversation with Max Wijgergangs

Created: Saturday, May 16, 2009, posted by at 8:03 am

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Max WijgergangsMax Wijgergangs is the owner of a Dutch PowerPoint presentation company, Studio-Max. Max admits that he bought his first computer only in 2001, until which time he knew practically nothing about computers and PowerPoint. But he made up for that lost time soon by rapidly discovering all kind of possibilities working with Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe graphics software. This remained a big passion, but it was still a hobby until 4 years later, when he decided to quit his regular job. He launched Studio-Max with a goal to provide the Dutch market with professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. Since then, his energy focused on taking PowerPoint presentations to a higher level that has allowed Studio-Max to become a known name.

Max and his team love to play with the animation possibilities in PowerPoint. In this conversation, Max discusses this and more.

Geetesh: How can animation enhance a regular PowerPoint presentation to something above the ordinary.

Max: Many Dutch clients and companies don’t know the full possibilities of PowerPoint, and they are in most cases pleasantly surprised when they see some of our works. “Wow, is this really done by only PowerPoint?’ is what we hear a lot from these people. This reaction probably stem from the way we use graphics and animation. When animations are used in the right way, they can really enchance any PowerPoint slide. The secret is to combine different basic animations on pre-calculated timeframes (we use Excel formulas for this!).

When combined with well designed, corporate looking content (Photoshop/Illustrator artwork), this will result in stunning and professional looking animated slides that will blow people away.
We have an in-house PowerPoint professional, Lam Quang Huy working with us at Studio-Max. He is an animation specialist, and he really knows how to take PowerPoint animations to the next level.

There are many secrets hidden in the PowerPoint animation schemes, and we continue to discover new tricks on a regular basis! A lay-person could well imagine that these animations were created using Adobe Flash!

Geetesh: Is there anything called too-much-animation? Tell us more about the dividing line.

Max: Yes there is, I see that almost every day when companies send me their in-house presentations. Content is animated too fast or too slow, pictures are spinning and turning around the screen to vertigo levels, and so on. Too much animation of that sort can distract the audience from the message. Of course, an overkill of animations can also be annoying.

The dividing line in animations can be a distinct difference — between slides created by a PowerPoint professional or an amateur. Most presentations made in this part of the world demand animations on each slide. It’s always a challenge to find the balance between restful and highly dynamic, yet sophisticated animations.

Audiences must not be overwhelmed by all kind of animations but it’s also important not to bore them with standard animation stuff they have seen a zillion time before. Being original and creative, that will help a lot!

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