GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint: Conversation with Rouwen Stallwanger

GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint: Conversation with Rouwen Stallwanger

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Rouwen Stallwanger

Rouwen StallwangerRouwen Stallwanger studied physics and astronomy in Munich, Potsdam and England. His business career started in large companies for insurance and banking in Germany and France. In 2007, he created his own company involved in development process and control that creates individual software solutions (business intelligence) for clients in finance, human resources and real estate. In this conversation, Rowen discusses his GanttChart Generator for PowerPoint product.

Geetesh: Tell us more about your GanttChart Generator product for PowerPoint.

Rouwen: The GanttChart Generator is a helper application that lets you create GanttCharts right within Microsoft PowerPoint. In general, you need lot of resources and time to generate these Gantt charts and to maintain them, especially if you want to implement them inside Microsoft PowerPoint.

Clearly you can use Microsoft Project to maintain and create Gantt charts, but in practice a lot of project managers, CEOs, and CFOs want to see a simple chart without using any extra software. All they want is a clear visual that shows where they are, what are the next steps, and what is the current status of the project.

Therefore, we decided to develop a Gantt chart generator especially for PowerPoint users, where you can easily manage the data within an Excel spreadsheet and visualize it later in PowerPoint through a simple macro. An additional goal for this product was to ensure that an office secretary, or an amateur PowerPoint user can create professional Gantt charts quickly and easily.

Our GanttChart Generator product is not a full software solution, but an add-in that saves you time.

GanttChart Generator

GanttChart Generator

Geetesh: What are the scenarios you witness for use of Gantt charts within PowerPoint?

Rouwen: We are developers of products for IT in finance and controlling for human resources departments. And lots of clients want to know where they are with our analytics. So my team and I use the GanttChart Generator internally to create a timeline to analyze how often the salary increases in different departments of a company in last 3 or 5 years. For real estate (finance departments), we use the GanttChart Generator to see when it’s the next time to pay the interests (loans). And for myself I use the GanttChart Generator to see how long it will take for my team to create different geographical maps for PowerPoint or what is the next step for developing software products. With the GanttChart Generator, it’s easy to create slides to show to my clients, and receive feedback from them.

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