PresenterMedia: Conversation with Art Holden

PresenterMedia: Conversation with Art Holden

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Art Holden

Art HoldenArt Holden has been in the animation and presentation industry since 1996. He helped start Animation Factory in 1997 and served as general manager of Animation Factory for thirteen years. He currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA and works with PresenterMedia, a media content creating company.

Geetesh: Tell us about PresenterMedia — in which ways can this site help PowerPoint designers get good content?

Art: PresenterMedia is a unique design company. We utilize 3D design and video animation applications to create vibrant and compelling imagery exclusively for PowerPoint. Some may call what we are doing 3D clip art, and while that may be appropriate, the term ‘clip art’ really fails to do justice to the high quality 3D imagery we are producing on a daily basis.

We have created 3D animations and images in a variety of business subjects tailored directly to the PowerPoint user. Our special PNG images fit seamlessly into existing presentations due to their unique transparent backgrounds.

PresenterMedia is also unique in that each of our images and animations can be customized before downloading. A customer can control the amount of reflections and the shadow strength our 3D images cast on a presentation slide.

We also are one of the first PowerPoint template designers to release animated templates for PowerPoint 2010. The new video features of PowerPoint 2010 have allowed us provide our customers with a very rich media experience.



PresenterMedia customers are able to download unlimited templates, animations and clip art through a PresenterMedia subscription.

Geetesh: I looked at your web site, and one page in particular caught my attention — this page is about the team at PresenterMedia — can you tell us more?

Art: PresenterMedia is a company made up entirely of artists. Since 1996 we’ve created animations and art work for other design companies and distributors. We’ve created hundreds of thousands of images for companies such as Animation Factory, and JupiterImages. PresenterMedia is the natural extension of the talent and skills we’ve learned working for others.

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