Brainshark Mobile Capabilities and Enhancements: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

Brainshark Mobile Capabilities and Enhancements: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

Created: Thursday, March 31, 2011 posted by at 7:53 am

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Andy Zimmerman

Andy ZimmermanAndy Zimmerman is the vice president of product marketing for Brainshark, Inc., overseeing the company’s marketing strategy, content and partners. Brainshark’s cloud-based software enables users to create online and mobile video presentations – using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone – and then share and track their content. Thousands of companies use Brainshark to improve the reach and results of their business communications, while dramatically reducing communications costs.

In this conversation, Andy discusses new mobile offerings and enhancements, which Brainshark is announcing today.

Geetesh: Tell us about the new mobile capabilities and enhancements that Brainshark is announcing. How will these make a difference in the viewing experience for mobile users?

Andy: We’re committed to helping our users share and consume online video presentations – anytime, anywhere and from any device. As such, we’re excited to be unveiling new mobile capabilities and offerings, designed to provide a more interactive experience for on-the-go viewers.

Chief among these offerings is our “Brainshark Enhanced Mobile” module. This is available to our enterprise customers and includes advanced mobile reporting capabilities, giving users information on how long individual viewers engaged with their presentations. We’re also making clickpath tracking data available, which allows users to see exactly how viewers navigated through their content – including which slides were watched, for how long and in what order. As companies connect more and more with mobile audiences – who want to consume content at their convenience, on-the-go and on their preferred devices – this advanced reporting provides actionable, granular information on mobile viewing behavior to our users.

We’ve also made improvements to the Brainshark Content Portal, whose interface previously had been oriented toward desktop viewers. Now, when users log in, we can detect if they’re doing so from a handheld device and present content in a way that is suited for that form factor. Thus, regardless of the mobile operating system, our new Mobile Content Portal, which we built using HTML 5, provides a more intuitive search, browsing and sharing experience – with simpler controls and actions optimized for smaller screens.

Geetesh: What are the specific improvements for users of Android and iOS platforms?

Andy: Users of Android smartphones and tablets can now benefit from our new, Flash-based mobile player, which provides a more interactive viewing experience. Viewers can browse through a presentation’s table of contents, access and download attachments associated with that presentation, leverage playback controls and share presentations instantly via email.

In terms of iOS users – as you may recall, we were excited to launch a free iOS app earlier this year, which provides an enhanced viewing experience for users on iPhones and iPads. We’ve made some updates to make that experience even better. As you’ll see from the iPad screenshot, our app now has an updated, sleek design, as well as options for customer branding. iOS viewers also benefit from a higher content refresh rate – so they can instantly see the latest presentations posted to their Brainshark account, as well as the newest free titles from third-party eLearning providers. In addition, when iOS viewers click on a Brainshark link, their device now automatically plays the presentation from the iPhone/iPad app for the best experience – or prompts them to download it, if they so choose.

We’re very excited to be making this series of new capabilities available. As smartphone and tablet use continues to skyrocket – and as mobile capabilities play increasingly integral roles in business communications – we’re committed to supporting our users in their communication needs.

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