Hyperlinks Support in SlideShark: Conversation with David Klein

Hyperlinks Support in SlideShark: Conversation with David Klein

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David Klein

David KleinDavid Klein is senior director of product management at Brainshark, Inc., leading the product team in developing innovative business solutions. Brainshark’s cloud-based software lets users create online and mobile video presentations — using simple business tools like PowerPoint and the phone or computer microphone — and share and track their content. Brainshark is also the creator of the award-winning SlideShark app for viewing, presenting and sharing PowerPoints on the iPad and iPhone.

In this conversation, David discusses SlideShark’s newly announced support for hyperlinks and how users of the app will benefit.

Geetesh: It’s awesome that SlideShark now supports both internal and external hyperlinks contained in the original PowerPoint presentation. Can you tell us more about this feature?

David: Sure. Links appear in presentations for a number of different scenarios. External links point to URLs — either to focus on a particular website or to invoke a document housed in cloud storage, like Box or Syncplicity. Tapping on the link in SlideShark will display a view of the website, and when you’re done, one more tap on a button brings you back to your presentation.

Internal links are used to jump to another part of the presentation. So if you have a slide that acts like a table of contents for other sections of your story, it’s easy to tap right over to that part of the deck. It’s like the ol’ “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. We’re actually seeing a lot presentations organized like websites — navigating a person throughout the deck based on decision trees.

We’ve heard from users that they’re especially excited about our new hyperlink support — as it enables them to give even more informative and interactive presentations from their iOS devices.

Geetesh: Essentially, only hyperlinks within the presentation and web hyperlinks will work within SlideShark. What approach do you suggest to link to other files (i.e., documents, pictures, etc.) from within the SlideShark presentation? And also, do these links need to be put in place within the original PowerPoint file?

David: Cloud storage is such a popular trend among professionals and non-professionals alike. Each file out there is represented by a URL that could be secured if required. Take that URL and insert it into your slide, and SlideShark will treat it as an external link.

SlideShark also supports the mailto link, enabling you to tap and bring up your email client on the device with prepopulated To and Subject fields. It’s like a bookmark to email someone.

The links do need to be in place within the original PowerPoint file. SlideShark is designed to support the integrity of the PowerPoint file so that it can be presented the way it was supposed to be seen. And there are benefits of doing all of your work up front in PowerPoint versus doing additional production work in an app. For example, when marketing teams are challenged with controlling the number of ad-hoc presentations created after distributing their brand and data-sensitive content, SlideShark ensures that there remains only one version of that presentation. In that same relationship, you have one team authoring and another team presenting. So it behooves organizations and streamlines processes to have the production work done first.

We’re glad to make hyperlink support available to our users and, as always, continue to endeavor to provide them with innovative, new features for a superior mobile presentation experience. Thanks, Geetesh, for the opportunity to discuss SlideShark.

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