authorSTREAM Premium Subscriptions: Conversation with Harman Singh

authorSTREAM Premium Subscriptions: Conversation with Harman Singh

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Harman Singh is the Founder of two Internet platforms – authorSTREAM and WiZiQ. is a PowerPoint sharing platform striving to make your presentations sharable on the Web – whether they are viewed from desktops, mobile phones or tablets like iPad.

authorSTREAM recently announced changes and improvements in their premium subscription plans — Harman discusses this and more exclusively in this conversation.

Geetesh: Tell us more about the authorSTREAM premium subscription plans, and how they can help users with better presentation sharing options?

Harman: We have two types of subscription plans, called authorSTREAM Pro and Business. Both these plans collectively offer four different ways of sharing a presentation. Here are the four ways in which an authorSTREAM user can share a presentation:

  • Anyone with the presentation link can view the presentation after signing into their authorSTREAM account.
  • Only the uploader can view the presentation, keeping it completely private. With this option, a user can block complete access to a private presentation at anytime.
  • Only people who have a passcode can view the presentation. The passcode for each presentation is generated by the uploader.
  • Only a selected set of people can view the presentation (including non-authorSTREAM members). The uploader can deny permission to view the presentation at anytime.

These sharing options are offered under different membership plans. We also provide an option wherein users can secure the embeds of their private presentations on other websites or blogs. This gives them complete control over their private presentations. Even if some user gets the embed code from HTML source, the presentation does not play unless permitted. More, they can allow up to 5 different websites to embed their private presentations.

Geetesh: There are two premium plans: Pro and Business. How are they different from each other? Are they targeted to a different user base?

Harman: We have designed these plans keeping two different segments of users in mind. “Pro” is designed for a PowerPoint user who creates presentations to share, inform or showcase creativity. Such a user can be a blogger, trainer, entrepreneur or a manager, and would want to use authorSTREAM ad free, need extra storage for private presentations, analytics around his presentations and so on. And at the same time, we figured the right kind of price for such a user would be at less than $30/year or $2.50/month.

The other subscription plan, which we call “Business” is designed for business owners and marketers who want to use their presentations not just to share, but also for the purpose of marketing. It is also for someone who wants to completely brand their presentations with their own logo. For instance, users can remove the authorSTREAM logo from the presentation player, and get up to 5 channels that they can completely brand as their own, etc. More, we offer phone based support for such users too. This plan is available for $39.95/month.

You can read about the new Premium plans on our blog here.

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