authorSTREAM Video Improvements: Conversation with Harman Singh

authorSTREAM Video Improvements: Conversation with Harman Singh

Created: Friday, June 8, 2012 posted by at 4:00 am

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Harman Singh is the Founder and CEO of two Internet platforms – authorSTREAM and WiZiQ. authorSTREAM is a PowerPoint sharing platform striving to make your presentations sharable on the Web — whether they are viewed from desktops, mobile phones or tablets like the iPad.

authorSTREAM’s PowerPoint to video engine has been extensively upgraded recently, resulting in several improvements — Harman discusses these improvements in this conversation.

Geetesh: Tell us about the new improvements in authorSTREAM’s PowerPoint to video engine, especially the ability to incorporate embedded videos.

Harman: These new improvements in PowerPoint to video conversion engine are geared towards enhancing the video conversion experience, much requested by our users.

We now have support for embedding videos (WMV and AVI) in PowerPoint 2010 for video conversions. The video output shows an in-slide video playing inside a video created out of a presentation. Through in-slide videos, users can provide more detailed information and with better visualization of their ideas.

The other improved feature is support for transition effects in video conversions. Users can now add transitions to their slides for eye-catching effects in their video presentations.

Take a look at this video with transition effects:

Earlier the video conversion took from several minutes to hours, but now we’ve decreased the conversion time. Other issues like sometimes missing audio, audio overlapping, audio out of sync and failure to insert audio are also addressed. Now, you can also use WMA audio format while converting your presentation to video. WMA audio format is Microsoft’s own audio format used quite extensively by Windows users.

Geetesh: You also added a feature that lets users create videos from presentations that have no timed animations and transitions. How does this work?

Harman: We realized that although a lot of users wanted to convert their presentations to videos, they didn’t know how to go about doing it — because typically, to create a video, the slides need to be timed or set to play automatically. Through our tutorials and posts we tried to educate them but most of them would still not understand why it was so important to have a rehearsed presentation to be able to convert to video.

This prompted us to add a new feature in our presentation to video conversion engine that enables conversion of ‘on-click’ or non-rehearsed presentations to video.

Now any presentation whether set to play automatically or not can be converted to video. For ‘on-click’ presentations, users just have to specify a fixed time duration to be spent on each slide before the conversion process starts for the video output on authorSTREAM. They can select WMV/AVI/FLV/MPEGII or MP4 as output video format. Once the presentation video is ready it can be sent to YouTube, viewed on desktop/laptop or even TV.

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