YawnBuster Connect: Conversation with Seema Chaudhary

YawnBuster Connect: Conversation with Seema Chaudhary

Created: Thursday, May 12, 2011, posted by at 11:32 am

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Seema ChaudharySeema Chaudhary helped establish the US headquarters of Harbinger Group in Redmond; created innovative and effective marketing campaigns to launch several products in the international market; and developed crucial long-lasting relationships with prominent and influential experts in the e-Learning industry.

In this conversation, Seema discusses YawnBuster Connect.

Geetesh: What exactly is YawnBuster Connect, and what does it do?

Seema: Last week we released YawnBuster Connect, which comprises our next generation of online audience response systems (ARS). YawnBuster Connect will allow teachers, trainers and business presenters to easily and affordably engage and interact with their audience.

The product is a cutting-edge ARS that combines YawnBuster, our award-winning presentation software, into a new program. The advanced response system lets presenters and speakers collect, view and instantly share audience responses in real time without the need for traditional audience clicker pads or any software installation for viewers.


YawnBuster Connect works for both online meetings and webinars as well as in-person seminars and lectures. Attendees need just a mobile device or a laptop to become an active part of the session. The audience can interact with the presentation by simply visiting a URL on their mobile phone or laptop’s web browser.

For presenters, YawnBuster Connect is a significant step forward from what has been available until now. Traditional hardware-dependent audience response systems – slammers or clickers that look like a remote control – are very expensive and are limited to only face-to-face meetings, and software keypads can only be used in virtual meetings.

Geetesh: What is unique about YawnBuster Connect, and is it available as a subscription or one-time purchase?

Seema: YawnBuster Connect truly connects presenters to their audiences like never before. The system not only allows presenters to adapt their material as they go along to make it more relevant for viewers, but they can review reports afterwards to improve their presentations the next time.

Our goal was to provide a cutting-edge ARS that is powerful and yet simple to use. We think we’ve done just that with YawnBuster Connect. Because it’s so easy to operate, teachers and other presenters can focus on what they do best – present the content, rather than spend their time managing the hardware or software part of an audience response system.

Every YawnBuster Connect session is given a unique id and a unique URL, which the presenter can show on the big screen in the room or via web meeting software. The attendees can answer questions, participate in a poll or game, and even type in free-form text to chip in with their opinions.

YawnBuster Connect is available in a periodic subscription model from the YawnBuster website.

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