Stop Being Predictable!: Conversation with Bob Boylan

Stop Being Predictable!: Conversation with Bob Boylan

Created: Monday, November 7, 2011, posted by at 4:00 am

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Bob BoylanBob Boylan has been a presentation skills trainer of executives for 30 years. Bob has taught thousands of executives the secrets to making powerful and effective presentations. His 3-step method is an innovative approach to developing powerful presentations that’s quick, simple and effective. Bob lives with his wife Linda in Carbondale, Colorado where he enjoys life skiing, hiking, biking and photography, his second profession. Bob runs his site and a blog at Bob Boylan Enterprises.

In this conversation, Bob discusses Stop Being Predictable!, his new book.

Geetesh: Tell us about what prompted you to author Stop Being Predictable, and what is the most significant takeaway for a reader from your book?

Bob: I have made my profession for the last 30 years training executives how to present more effectively. My focus on Delivering Training that Takes has been my credo for over 30 years.

Stop Being Predictable!Presenting is a skill. It is the ability to efficiently and effectively communicate your competence, experience and creative ideas in an interesting and compelling manner. Today’s business climate necessitates giving presentations all the time.

The presentations need to be on the money. Clear ideas backed up with relevant support data, presented crisply and with passion. When this happens, decisions are made. Action takes place.

My new book, Stop Being Predictable! is not about ideas to increase your skills. In the book are 14 tactics, not skill improvement ideas, which will make your presentations insanely effective!

The main reason I wrote this book is to give professional presenters tactics to easily generate changes in their current presentations to improve the out come of their presentation.

In effect, improve their closure!

The main takeaway from the book is you can use any one of the 14 tactics easily, and for little or no cost, and be on your way to a much better presentation outcome. In fact, I claim you can actually be insanely effective.

Geetesh: Can you share a tactic that can help presenters stand apart from a predictable pattern.

Bob: My web site has the first two tactics in full screen , preserving the book’s layout with cartoons — so it’s easy to read.

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