Step-by-Step Install of the Office 2013 Customer Preview

Step-by-Step Install of the Office 2013 Customer Preview

Created: Monday, July 30, 2012 posted by at 6:30 am

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This post refers to the Office 2013 Preview — this was pre-release software that is no longer available. All techniques mentioned in this post will not work with the final release version of Office 2013.

In previous posts, we have explored about Getting the Office 2013 Customer Preview Beta and Before Installing Office 2013 Customer Preview. Now let’s take you step-by-step through the entire install process. All through this post, you will find screenshots — feel free to click on the actual screenshots to see larger representations.

  1. Go to the Office 2013 Customer Preview site, and click the large green Sign Up button.

    7-25-2012 3-21-46 PM

  2. This gets you to the Welcome to the new Office screen — unless you want to Learn more, click the Try now link.

    7-25-2012 3-22-10 PM

  3. You now need to sign into your Microsoft account — this is essentially your Windows Live account — also if you have a Hotmail, MSN, or XBox Live account — then you already have a Microsoft account. You can sign in with your Microsoft account — or do what I did, and create a new account altogether just for this beta.

    7-25-2012 3-25-32 PM

  4. If you successfully signed in (or signed up), you will see the screen shown below. Click the green Get started now button.

    7-25-2012 3-26-05 PM

  5. You’ll now see the Welcome to your account page screen — just go ahead and click the green Install button.

    7-25-2012 3-26-36 PM

  6. You’ll see a message right near your browser’s status bar (at least in Internet Explorer) that asks you if you want to run or save the installation file — go ahead and click the Run option.

    7-25-2012 3-27-45 PM

  7. Next, you will see an indication of the installation beginning, and then connecting to your account — see the two screenshots below.

    7-25-2012 3-29-31 PM

    7-25-2012 3-31-38 PM

  8. And then you see the screen that believes you will love Office — click the Next button to continue.

    7-25-2012 3-36-57 PM

  9. Now you need to accept the Microsoft license agreement by clicking the Accept button.

    7-25-2012 3-37-33 PM

  10. And now for something you would least expect — a small video clip about the new Office — here are two screenshots from the video.

    7-25-2012 3-38-00 PM

    7-25-2012 3-38-12 PM

  11. OK, now you must sign in — again! We know you already signed in, but that one was for the installation site — and this one is for your local computer — so press the orange Sign In button. Notice the smiling and frowning faces on the top right — click those to tell Microsoft if you are happy or not!

    7-25-2012 3-38-25 PM

  12. Now you actually sign in — use the new Microsoft ID you created.

    7-25-2012 3-38-50 PM

  13. Now you are welcomed — and you can also choose a patterned theme for your Office 2013 program interface — we just chose the None option. Then click the Next button.

    7-25-2012 3-39-45 PM

  14. You next meet SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution — click the Next button to proceed.

    7-25-2012 3-40-00 PM

  15. Now Microsoft wants you to take a look at some other great stuff while they wrap things up — we just politely clicked the No thanks option.

    7-25-2012 3-40-25 PM

  16. Now the actual installation starts — it seems to start from 14% rather than 0% or 1%. Be prepared for a long wait.

    7-25-2012 3-40-42 PM

    7-25-2012 4-09-21 PM

  17. And then after an hour and half, our installation was done. We tested this installation on a 4 mbps online connection.

    7-25-2012 4-41-12 PM

  18. Launch your program — we launched PowerPoint 2013. In a few moments, the program was automatically activated.

    7-25-2012 4-50-41 PM

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