Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair: Conversation with Sunil Chandna

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair: Conversation with Sunil Chandna

Created: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 posted by at 4:00 am

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Sunil Chandna

Sunil ChandnaSunil Chandna is the CEO of Stellar Information Systems Ltd. He heads the Sales and Marketing operations for Stellar, a company involved with data recovery software solutions and services business since 1993. Stellar develops data recovery software across different categories, such as hard disk recovery, database recovery, email recovery, password recovery, and Microsoft Office file recovery.

In this conversation, Sunil discusses Stellar’s Phoenix PowerPoint Repair product.

Geetesh: Why do perfectly good PowerPoint presentations get corrupt, and what can everyday users do to prevent their presentation files from getting corrupt?

Sunil: There are dozens of things that can corrupt even your perfectly fine PowerPoint presentations. Typical symptoms include mis-positioning of objects in your PowerPoint slides, missing or overlapped images, animations not working as expected. Often, it is not possible to open a corrupt PowerPoint presentation. Some known reasons for damage to your PPT/PPTX files are virus infection, abrupt termination of the program, enabling “Allow fast saves” option, and the like. You can prevent PowerPoint file corruption in the first place and safeguard your valuable data by considering the following options when dealing with these files:

  • If you store PowerPoint presentations on any removable media device, first copy them to your hard drive and then start working on them.
  • Do not enable the “Allow Fast Saves” option as it saves data by appending changes to your file making it bulky and oversized.
  • Use the “Save As” command on the File menu more often.
  • Backup your PowerPoint presentations regularly.
  • Compress these files before sending them via email.

Geetesh: Your Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair retrieves corrupt PowerPoint files — can you share some info about your product, and also give us a few examples where it helped users salvage their content?

Sunil: Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair is a smart, user-friendly tool that repairs PowerPoint file corruption and resurrects the file with all its original formatting and attributes. The software fixes the file header and repairs corruption in individual objects used in your presentation. The competent tool can safely restore header/footer/slide number, charts, comments, hyperlinks, AutoShapes, OLE objects, Notes page, forms, modules, and more.

Here are a few common PowerPoint file corruption scenarios:

  • Sending the file via email without zipping
    As the PowerPoint file travels through the cyberspace, there is a good chance it might get corrupt midway. Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair can easily repair PowerPoint files damaged during transfer over the Internet or any other network.

  • Opening the file in a different versions of PowerPoint
    If you open a file in a different version of PowerPoint application, it might get damaged due to compatibility issues. More often than not, this action introduces minor corruptions in your PowerPoint presentation. Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair can resolve almost any type of corruption, ranging from minor to severe file damage.

  • Virus Contamination
    Some viruses are intentionally designed to target PowerPoint files. Viruses usually corrupt the file header. Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair can rebuild the corrupt header to make the file usable again. It restores all objects to a new PowerPoint presentation.

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