Cover Everything or Plan Ahead: by Claudyne Wilder

Cover Everything or Plan Ahead: by Claudyne Wilder

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Talk fast to fit it all in, or condense and speak calm and connected? What would you do if you had a choice?

Kuan walked into the room ready to present when the organizer told him, “Sorry, we can only give you 15 minutes and not 30 for your presentation.” What does Kuan do? Does he talk fast to cover everything he planned? Or does he cut back his information and only present what is essential?

Talking fast: If Kuan decides to talk fast and hurry through the information, he’ll end up mumbling some of the numbers so he can get through them. He’ll barely look at the audience. But he will cover every bit of information.

Speaking calm and connected: What if Kuan makes some last-minute decisions? He cuts the big chart and leaves out all explaining all the potential strategies he was considering, only telling the audience his chosen strategy. He even has time to ask the audience a question.

Cover Everything or Plan Ahead

Cover Everything or Plan Ahead
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If you were in the audience, which presentation would you want to sit through?
If you were Kuan, how would you prepare for this scenario?

Custom Show: Create a smaller custom show from your large deck of PowerPoint slides. Go to slide show>custom shows. You can create a “custom show” that will in slide show only show those slides you have chosen. This is one of the best features in PowerPoint! I am constantly amazed most presenters do not know this.

Claudyne Wilder

Claudyne WilderClaudyne Wilder coaches executives, managers, and salespeople on how to deliver presentations that get to the message. Her clients give compelling, passionate presentations. Her company has an ongoing contract to give her Get to the Message: Present with a Purpose workshop at a Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company. Claudyne brings a unique and invigorating perspective to her work from her years of studying the Argentine Tango.

Do visit Claudyne’s site at Wilder Presentations to sign up for her blog, her tweets or to download some free presenting tools.

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