Isometric Images by Presenter Media: Conversation with Billy Schlotter

Isometric Images by Presenter Media: Conversation with Billy Schlotter

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Billy SchlotterBilly Schlotter is Design and Marketing director for PresenterMedia. He has a passion for creating and connecting with people online and in person. When he’s not working, you will find him spending time with his family, playing guitar, or cooking.

In this conversation, Billy discusses the new isometric images available on the Presenter Media site.

Geetesh: What are these new isometric images introduced by PresenterMedia, and what motivated you to create them?

Billy: We didn’t introduce them but saw an opportunity. If you search Google for ‘Isometric Illustrations’, you will find thousands of examples. We know that creating a slide deck for a presentation can be time-consuming. Like all our products, we wanted to create a fast, creative, solution for our customers. We wanted to give them the tools and resources to create their own illustrations, without having to spend hours creating different elements.

Isometric Images from Presenter Media

Geetesh: How are isometric images different from the typical imagery that we use in our slides, and how can they benefit us in explaining concepts to audiences?

Billy: The natural world around us relies on perspective. With isometric illustrations, though, they are without perspective and cannot be found in nature. Everything in the background is at the same scale as everything in the foreground. That’s what gives them their unique attraction.

Isometric vs. Perspective Images

You can use them to create a company’s supply chain process. By conveying how a product gets from point A to point B to point C. You can create a whole neighborhood or factory just by placing a couple of images next to each other. We believe that there are endless ways to use these illustrations and are excited to add them to our library.

Isometric Images

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