Slideflight: Conversation with Georg Kremer

Slideflight: Conversation with Georg Kremer

Created: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, posted by at 4:15 am

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Georg KremerGeorg Kremer is the CEO of the Slideflight GmbH in Munich and in charge of the sales strategy of the company. Before participating in the creation of the Slideflight GmbH, he collected diverse experiences from national and global leadership positions in sales and marketing, at companies such as Sage, Fujitsu, Global Knowledge and Hewlett-Packard, among others. In addition, Mr. Kremer has acquired a broad understanding of corporate cultures through various management positions in small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this conversation, Georg talks about Slideflight.

Geetesh: Tell us more about Slideflight, how it evolved, and whom is it intended for?

Georg: Disseminating your message effectively and being able to digest the information properly: these objectives present a two-sided challenge in the field of presentations. A need for a digital solution that replaced handouts, email mailing lists and taking pictures of slides was required. This is how Slideflight was born, to be an innovative, sustainable and simple alternative. Slideflight allows the presenter to share his PowerPoint slides with the audience using the additional Ribbon tab in PowerPoint. The presentation can thereafter be followed live via a smartphone, tablet or computer by inserting the six-digit ID provided by the presenter into the Slideflight app or web page. Moreover, for future use, the presentation can be saved as a PDF and notes can also be added. The presenter chooses which slides he wants to share with the public and decides if he wants to make the slides available for download after the event. Slideflight targets big events such as conventions, conferences or university lectures as well as smaller congregations such as web conferences, teleconferences, business meetings, pitch conferences or training. Thus it provides a simple and practical solution for both the presenter and the public.

Slideflight tab in PowerPoint Ribbon

The company was born as a spin-off released by the venture capital firm Senovo, a company funding young B2B technology start-ups. Following the further development of the software, I founded the start-up in November 2015 along with Philip Franta. It was just a matter of days before Slideflight started participating in important congresses around Germany, such as the didacta (the world´s biggest education fair) and negotiating diverse business partnerships.

Picture Courtesy: Slideflight

Geetesh: There are many tools available these days that work on similar areas as Slideflight. So what do you think sets Slideflight apart from others?

Georg: The vision of Slideflight is to make the process of presentation sharing as simple as possible. Contrary to other existing tools, we focus ourselves on the live sharing aspects of presentations. We even developed a second tool named Beamium, to also simplify the PDF document sharing. In this manner, not only the document exchange experience, but also the actual real-time following of the presentation are addressed. We have not only perfected, but also simplified this aspect as far as possible. Furthermore, various other tools are tricky and complicated to use, whereas with Slideflight you don’t even need basic instructions. With just a couple of clicks, you are ready to enjoy our solution. Slideflight works everywhere, and there is no need to follow the presentations on site. It can be followed all around the world as long as there is an internet connection. In this manner, information and education can become globally disseminated without any complicated procedures. A straightforward and memorable information exchange, that is what Slideflight is all about.

Picture Courtesy: Slideflight

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