Charts and Diagrams on PoweredTemplate: Conversation with Serge Starenko

Charts and Diagrams on PoweredTemplate: Conversation with Serge Starenko

Created: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 posted by at 4:00 am

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Serge Starenko

Serge StarenkoSerge Starenko is an entrepreneur with a solid background in software development and business administration. In 2004 he left his primary job and started working with like-minded professionals over the project PoweredTemplate. The idea came to him because he always had to prepare presentations for project management tools and marketing purposes. While working with these slides, he hadn’t found any professional presentation templates on the market at that time. Sensing a need, Serge organized and coordinated to create an effective team. He still controls all the processes and is totally engaged in strategic planning and project development.

In this conversation, Serge talks about the Chart and Diagram templates available on the PoweredTemplate site.

Geetesh: Please tell us more about the Charts and Diagrams available within your collection. How varied are they, and what motivates you to create new variants all the time?

Serge: Standard presentation templates with just a themed stock image, the same flat slides, and some font colors are dying and losing their relevance today. If you wonder why this is happening, here is the reason.

Time rushes past us, and we are supposed to assimilate quickly so much information surrounding us. It’s no wonder we are often unable to perceive and grasp such content easily. It’s very difficult to focus on copious amounts of text in this endless stream.

On the other hand, people conceive visual info so much better. By visual info, I mean infographics, charts, diagrams, and some simple schemes which often explain more than bulk text pages.

Of course, there are a plenty of convenient tools and templates for data visualization proposed by Microsoft within their standard PowerPoint library. But you need to work a lot with them to achieve really good results that may allow the idea of your speech to reach the audience clearly and concisely, and hold their attention.



Besides, not all presenters are good artists and designers at the same time.
That is why we’ve created this amazing range of products! At PoweredTemplate, you can find more than 3,500 various shapes, diagrams, infographics, charts and other slides which are created by our high-skilled artists and professional graphic designers. Also, this content is always updated and enlarged with new unique templates.

Being already formatted rather than just well done, these templates allow any PowerPoint user to end up with bright and captivating professional presentations without wasting much editing time.

To provide an example, our Presentation Templates section features not only simple templates with slides containing sets of various diagrams, tables, and charts but we’re already trying to fill this section with full-fledged and finished presentation decks! These are related to a wide range of themes, from Project Management, Marketing, and Medicine to Financial Analysis, Startups and Pitch Decks. It’s often enough to fill in some data-driven charts, change shape colors, add titles with text passages and that’s all! Your professional presentation is ready!



Geetesh: If one were to use one of your Chart and Diagram templates, how much customization would be possible? Also, do you provide any support options?

Serge: All shapes and charts with diagrams are created using standard PowerPoint tools. This enables users to alter the shapes and charts without the need for any third party editors or other means. Users can also easily change colors, sizes, and put their own data within our data-driven diagrams. Our diagrams and charts are also fully compatible with other popular presentation tools such as Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

We always work to meet our clients’ needs! For instance, we believe that each user will have their own vision concerning the SWOT analysis diagram. Therefore, we create many variants, using changes in color, shape or location of the elements.



This awareness of consumers’ needs motivates us to make and improve products again and again. Also, we’re always open to feedback from our users and often create templates with sets of diagrams based upon their requests.

Additionally, if our templates don’t fit a client’s requirements for some reason, or if they want to make changes in proposed diagrams, then our designers are always ready to solve such problems and create exactly what the client wants.

I’d like to add, that on buying our product you won`t stay with it alone. We provide active online chat based options, and timely support via e-mail. It often happens that our support department team helps clients not only with the products they have bought but also consult them about some feature aspects of PowerPoint, Word and Google Slides!



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