PowerPoint and Presenting News: July 4, 2017

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It’s amazing how many people wonder if two animations can occur simultaneously in PowerPoint. In fact, you can make more than two animations happen at the same time, and we explain the process in an easy tutorial that works for all PowerPoint versions. AlexAnndra Ontra is our guest author this week, and she talks about how presentations fall into one of three categories: Presentation Guru, Spray and Pray, and Lone Wolf. Paul Carroll from Toastmasters explains how you can provide the Level of detail that your audience wants. And in a detour away from presenting, Louise Doherty talks about Nine Websites and Apps to Help You Set Up That Important Business Meeting.

PowerPoint 2016 for Windows users will learn about advanced Properties stuff to discover what happens to their metadata. We also explore adding Bookmarks in videos, reorienting (resize, rotate, flip) videos, and resetting them. PowerPoint 2007 users can explore how they can make this version the default version. Finally, do not miss the quotes, press releases, and templates of this week.

PowerPoint and Presenting News: June 27, 2017

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