Insert PDF for PowerPoint: Conversation with Jean Haney

Insert PDF for PowerPoint: Conversation with Jean Haney

Created: Friday, May 24, 2019 posted by at 9:30 am

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Jean Haney

Jean Haney

Jean Haney is the co-founder and president of Visual Integrity, long-standing specialists in PDF and vector graphics technologies. With more than 35 years of software industry experience and a fascination with good page design and typography, Jean enjoys distilling topics down to their essence and providing her audience with a few, “I didn’t know you could do that with PDF!” moments.

In this conversation, Jean talks about Insert PDF for PowerPoint.

Geetesh: Jean, can you tell us more about Insert PDF for PowerPoint? What does this product do, and what motivated you to create it?

Jean: Insert PDF for PowerPoint does one thing perfectly – it opens a PDF page as a slide so you can modify all the graphics and text. Because Insert PDF precisely extracts all the objects from the PDF, based on the underlying data, all elements and attributes are infinitely adjustable. These vector graphics will display perfectly no matter how large or small you make them.

People are often surprised that they can expect more from the graphics in PDF files and get excited when they see what they can do with Insert PDF. It’s pretty amazing. You can ungroup, change colors, increase line widths and more. It’s a welcome advancement for people creating presentations who are used to the limitations of bitmap formats like PNG and JPEG. Bitmap images degrade and lose fidelity when resized or reproduced while vector graphics stay true and look great no matter the size.

Organizations invest a lot in producing logos, brand assets, brochures and other materials. Once saved to PDF, these official “house graphics” can be pulled into presentations with Insert PDF and reused without compromise to ensure quality presentations and brand compliance.

Since PDF is the most prevalent archive format today, Insert PDF for PowerPoint opens a world of content for people to use in their presentations. An organization’s brochures, annual reports, datasheets and other company documents are all available as PDF files. They contain logos, infographics, charts, drawings, line-art and other professionally created designed along brand guidelines. Now any graphic can be pulled from any of these publications and can be used to reflect that perfectly.

Geetesh: Can you share some scenarios in which users have benefited from using Insert PDF for PowerPoint?

Jean: There are plenty! Even though this add-in is relatively new, Visual Integrity has been at work for 25+ years on perfecting PDF graphics extraction. A great example is in our video.

Selected graphics along with the famous WWF panda logo were extracted from the World Wildlife Fund 2017 Annual Report to show their donors just how dependent the non-profit was on individuals. The presentation designer was able to use the official WWF graphics simply by pulling them from the PDF files, scaling them and changing some colors to highlight important information. Another scenario which pops-up frequently is opening charts and graphs from PDF reports and then changing color, font size and background to make a more persuasive slide.

Insert PDF in PowerPoint

Insert PDF in PowerPoint

We offer a 15-day trial so your readers can try it with some of their own PDF-based graphics. We also are happy to do it for them if they submit a test file on our website. Insert PDF for PowerPoint is really a breakthrough. Most people are surprised at just how much they can do with these graphics once they open their first PDF page as a slide.

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