Smarter Slides Add-in for PowerPoint: Conversation With Lennart Wiehler

Smarter Slides Add-in for PowerPoint: Conversation With Lennart Wiehler

Created: Monday, March 2, 2020 posted by at 9:30 am

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Lennart Wiehler

Lennart Wiehler
Lennart Wiehler is one of the co-founders of Smarter Ones – the company behind Smarter Slides.

He developed his skills as a project manager and PowerPoint enthusiast during his time as a business consultant at KPMG, where he specialized in visualization and reporting systems Lennart always tries to find the best design possible. In his spare time, he enjoys creating websites and online shops.

In this conversation, Lennart discusses Smarter Slides.

Geetesh: Lennart, please tell us about the Smarter Slides add-in for PowerPoint and your motivation behind it? How, according to you will a PowerPoint user benefit from using Smarter Slides?

Lennart: The difference to other tools is, that the idea to create a PowerPoint add-in is born out of the user perspective rather than software development.

My co-founder and I spend our first years within the consulting department of KPMG and Ernst&Young. You can imagine that we worked days and often nights just to prepare PowerPoint presentations – like any other young business consultant.

To minimize the time that we spent with repetitive tasks, we started to program our first macros and functions. That helped us with our daily business. Changing colors and arranging objects was now quite fun and we still had time for family and friends.

Colleagues asked for our codes and used those functions too. That was the beginning of our journey with Smarter Slides. We decided to make the tool more professional, added more functions and shared our development with many other people.

Now you can format and structure your PowerPoint presentation with our add-in.

  • Add an agenda to your slides,
  • Get inspired by over 1000 templates,
  • Align and position objects,

and over 100 other functions are available. Everything with one focus: Less time for formatting – more time for the content.

Our tool is meant for everyone. The way to install and the pricing strategy are designed for personal usage. But if somebody needs a corporate add-in, just write to us and we’ll talk about a way to implement Smarter Slides within your company.

Geetesh: Can you share some case studies or just feedback that you have received from Smarter Slides users? Has any feedback from users translated into new features? Also, is there a trial version of Smarter Slides available?

Lennart: Thankfully, many people provided us with feedback for our functions and for the usability before we went live. They also provided new ideas! These feedbacks defined our development tasks.

A few month ago, one feedback made us really proud. A customer wrote us an e-mail just to tell us how helpful our template gallery is. He created a sales pitch with Smarter Slides and won the project.

Besides the positive feedback, we take every reported issue very seriously. Many of our releases took place just to fix one little bug.

But the biggest change we did was to create an additional product. As mentioned above, Smarter Slides comes with over 100 functions. Many users told us that the pure count is a little bit overwhelming. We decided to take the “best-of”-functions and placed them into Smarter Slides Light.

To test and use all these features from the user feedback or from us, you can download a 30-days trial version. Smarter Slides Light, Smarter Slides Unlimited and our Smarter Template Gallery are included within the trial version. Just visit our download page, and check it out!

I want to thank you, Geetesh, for the opportunity to be part of your great blog. As a small present, I want to give you and your readers a discount on all our products. Just enter THANKS-Indezine-30 during the check out process and receive 30% off.

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