Presentation Summit 2020: Conversation with Mike Parkinson

Presentation Summit 2020: Conversation with Mike Parkinson

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Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson
Mike Parkinson is a geek. He is one of thirty-six Microsoft PowerPoint MVPs in the world, is an internationally recognized communication and presentation expert, best-selling author, and professional trainer. Mike’s keynotes, training, books (Billion Dollar Graphics and A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters), and tools (Build-a-Graphic) help companies succeed while saving money and time. He owns Billion Dollar Graphics and is a partner at 24 Hour Company, a premier creative services firm.

In this conversation, Mike talks about his sessions at the upcoming Presentation Summit 2020, being held virtually this year from August 10 to 13, 2020. is the official media partner for the Presentation Summit.

Geetesh: You are delivering three sessions at this year’s virtual Presentation Summit: Super-Simple Slide Design, At a Glance, and Quick Fixes for Bad Slides. Can you give us a thorough description of these sessions, including the takeaways you have created for the audiences?

Mike: You betcha! At a Glance is my latest interactive, high-speed keynote. If you want to make or give the best presentations, do not miss this. You will learn how to successfully share anything in an “at a glance” society. Most of us are resource-starved so we prefer at-a-glance, efficient communication. As proof, look at our media: texting, messaging, social media, advertising, books, television, email, signs, software, and websites. People no longer expect to-the-point information—they require it. If we fail to embrace the at-a-glance paradigm, our presentations (and all forms of communication) will fall short. At the end of the keynote, you will know how to make any idea clear, compelling, and concise.

In Super-Simple Slide Design, I show how to make ten professional, unique presentation slide designs quickly. I give step-by-step instructions and share three awesome tools to do it.

Finally, Quick Fixes for Bad Slides gives slide “triage” techniques that the casual and professional PowerPoint user can apply to fix even the worst slides. I am sharing the real-world, “I have minutes to fix this deck” solutions for common slide design problems.

All of my sessions are for designers and nondesigners (geeks and nongeeks) alike. There is something to learn for everyone.

Geetesh: Do you have any advice to Indezine readers about keeping up with presentation design trends? What’s prevalent now and what’s passé?

Mike: Yes! Below are three trends I use often:

A. Maxi Type

Essentially, you are filling the slide with a large word or words. You can augment with a photograph, video, icon, or symbol when it makes sense.

Super Simple Slide Design

Super Simple Slide Design

B. No Titles

If you must use titles because your work requires it, do it. If not, avoid titles. When the audience knows what the presenter is going to say, they will tune out. Curiosity keeps people engaged. Verbally share the benefits then slowly reveal how the audience will get the benefits in your slide content and solution.

C. Material Design

Material Design combines the best of “old school” Skeuomorphic Design (trying to look like reality) with “new school” Flat Design (extreme simplicity). At its core, Material Design allows the designer to use 3D (from skeuomorphism) when needed and 2D (from Flat Design) when simplicity is the best solution. It avoids unnecessary aesthetic embellishments like bevels, drop-shadows, gradients, textures, and highlights. Expect this design trend to stick around for years, because it is versatile and appeals to the largest audience.

Mike Material Design

Mike Material Design

What is the Presentation Summit?

Presentation Summit Mike Parkinson 2020

Presentation Summit Mike Parkinson 2020

For nearly two decades, Rick Altman has been hosting the Presentation Summit, a highly popular event that is geared towards users of PowerPoint and other presentation platforms. is the official media partner for the Presentation Summit.

Date: August 10 to 13, 2020

Location: Virtual Event

Register now!


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