PowerPoint – An Art Form?

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Wired magazine interviews David Byrne of Talking Heads, who talks about his use of PowerPoint:

“I’m not someone who used PowerPoint in my professional life, but a couple of years ago I’d finished this pseudo-religious book and wanted my live readings to feel like the sort of presentation that a motivational speaker might deliver. I knew this was something they might use, so I thought – OK, to complete the illusion, I’ll do these readings accompanied by PowerPoint.”

Read more in this feature, Turning Heads With PowerPoint.

In another Wired magazine feature, Learning to Love PowerPoint, David adds:

“Having never used the program before, I found it limiting, inflexible, and biased, like most software. On top of that, PowerPoint makes hilariously bad-looking visuals. But that’s a small price to pay for ease and utility. We live in a world where convenience beats quality every time. It was, for my purposes, perfect.”

PowerPoint by David Byrne

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