PowerPoint Presentations Online: No! Stop! Don't!

PowerPoint Presentations Online: No! Stop! Don’t!

Created: Wednesday, December 3, 2003 posted by at 9:30 am

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Amy Gahran makes her point on why you should stop putting your PowerPoint presentations online, although she does not touch the subject of ORM (Online Rich Media).

She says, “Here is one of my major online content peeves: why are some people compelled to put their PowerPoint slides on the Web? The vast majority of slide presentations are intended to support a live talk, and they make little or no sense out of that context!”

She further adds convincingly, “When content is so cryptic as to be frustrating, it’s anti-content. It undermines the goals of both the author and the reader.”

Read this post at the MarketingProfs site.

Update in 2018: For the uninitiated, Online Rich Media used to be another TLA (three-letter acronym) that’s almost forgotten now. That suggests Amy was right in her approach, so many years ago!

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