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PowerPoint and Presenting Notes
PowerPoint and Presenting Glossary

January 30th, 2004
PowerPoint In School

January 29th, 2004
Giving PowerPoint Pizzazz with Macromedia Flash

January 29th, 2004

January 29th, 2004
What You Should Know About Mydoom

January 27th, 2004

January 26th, 2004
Create Star Wars Credits in PowerPoint

January 26th, 2004

January 26th, 2004

January 25th, 2004
Office 2003 Service Pack By June

January 24th, 2004

January 23rd, 2004
PowerPoint In Schools

January 20th, 2004

January 16th, 2004
AcuLearn Version 2 for PowerPoint

January 15th, 2004
Olympus A New Player In The Projector Market

January 15th, 2004

January 15th, 2004
PowerFinish Sale

Sreaming Media January 14th, 2004
PresenterONE Version 2 Released

PowerPoint Add-ins January 14th, 2004
PointCapture Update Provides Better Interface

CorelDRAW 12 January 13th, 2004
CorelDRAW 12 Integrates With Microsoft Office

PowerPoint Live 2004 January 12th, 2004
PowerPoint Live 2004 – Registrations Open

NXPowerLite 1.53 January 12th, 2004
NXPowerLite is PowerPoint 2003 Compatible

Echo Swinford January 12th, 2004
PowerPoint Autorun CD Do-it-Yourself

James Gordon January 12th, 2004
Insert Pictures Quickly in PowerPoint for the Mac

Echo Swinford January 5th, 2004
Autorun CD Using the New Viewer

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Viral Video In Two Steps: Presentation And Perseverance Viral Video In Two Steps: Presentation And Perseverance

  by Jerry Weissman Two weeks ago, Mary Jennings Hegar was a textbook definition of a long shot: a rookie Democrat running in red state Texas’ 31st Congressional District against John Carter, a Republican who has held the office for 15 years. Although MJ, as she likes to be called, had a distinguished career as a U.S ...

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Look at this picture carefully because there's more here than what meets the eye. This is a dashboard view of a car that could have been sold fifty years ago, but in many ways, cars still provide dashboards that may not look similar--but still do provide the information that a driver needs. You can see ...

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