My Message is My Brand, Not My Logo - Jason Fried

My Message is My Brand, Not My Logo – Jason Fried

Created: Sunday, April 25, 2004 posted by at 4:03 pm

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This is a new interview posted by Cliff Atkinson on his Sociable Media site. Cliff Atkinson interviews Jason Fried.

Cliff introduces Jason thus:

When it comes to presenting information on the web, 37signals is a beacon of simplicity and clarity. This sought-after team of design and usability experts unblocks obstacles in the way of effective web experiences, increasing profitability for their clients. What would happen if simplicity and clarity were to illuminate PowerPoint presentations?

And here’s part of one of the responses from Jason.

I believe the most effective slide designs are those where the message is the absolute focus. Nothing should get in the way — no header, no corporate branding, no logo, etc. If a slide requires a full-screen image, then the image should get the full screen and not have to be shrunk and wedged into place so it conforms with template or corporate branding guidelines. Same with a word or a phrase or a series of points — give the information the full stage at all times.

Read the interview here.

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