Camtasia Studio 3.1: Conversation with Troy Stein

Camtasia Studio 3.1: Conversation with Troy Stein

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Troy Stein is Product Manager for Camtasia Studio, the amazing screen recording program from Okemos based TechSmith Corporation.

I interviewed Troy more than a year ago and already Camtasia Studio seems like a program that has been reborn to cope up with the changes in new and emerging media technologies.

Camtasia Studio’s new version 3.1 upgrade does so much more than screen recording that it almost seems like a veritable Swiss Army knife of media editing tools. I use Camtasia Studio all the time in its traditional avatar as a video capture tool to show processes and create training. Even more often, I use it to join two video clips together or convert a video to Flash. I could use Adobe Premiere or Flash to do that, but it’s so much simpler with Camtasia Studio.

So how does TechSmith make it so easy? And what about the new features? There’s no one better than Troy to provide answers to those questions:

Geetesh: What’s the best, new feature in Camtasia Studio 3.1 according to you?

Troy: Well, there are really two new features for PowerPoint users. The first one is side-by-side video presentations. You can record your PowerPoint presentations and put them online with camera video, PowerPoint recordings and a table of contents (ala Producer for PowerPoint) except this all plays back in Flash format. This leads to the second new feature, which is Flash Video output (FLV). Whether you’re doing side-by-side video presentations or you need to deliver an animated presentation worthy of Pixar, the new FLV output helps you deliver richer content to just about anyone.

Geetesh: Camtasia Studio seems to be forever evolving and building capabilities as digital media horizons expand all the time–how do you decide about this expandability? What are the new digital media horizons that you are looking at.

Troy: I think you are right on target. Videos are all over the web and more and more people are making them. Video know-how is increasing across the board and not suprisingly, we are getting more requests for expanded video editing capabilities. Just the other day, a customer e-mailed me requesting specific hotkeys for editing his video– the same hotkeys he used with his favorite video editor.

Over time, Camtasia Studio will certainly expand our editing capabilities. The real trick, though, will be adding advanced features while maintaining the ease-of-use for first-time users. But, the way I see it, is that if Porsche can make a car that has both automatic and manual transmission, then I *know* our team can make a Camtasia Studio both easy to use and rich and expansive for the advanced users.

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